Data Marketing tools are an essential part of digital marketing. Collecting and understanding data is vital for any business trying to achieve success online, whether through SEO, Content, Link Building or just by creating a fantastic website. In order to make intelligent decisions about your website, you need data and you need intelligent ways to process this information. It’s important to work out what data you need to know in order to progress as a business. Your data can be collected and shown through a series of graphs, maps and charts. It can be applied through a range of programmes and methodologies to allow you to keep an eye on how well your company is growing and improving.

We have a carefully curated list of Data Marketing tools categorised for easier navigation including; Audience Marketing tools, Business Analytics tools, Customer Data Platforms, Data Visualization tools, Data Management Platforms, Compliance & Privacy tools, Data Integration tools, Marketing Analytics tools and Mobile & Web Analytics tools.

This can come in the form of traditional business intelligence, which provides traditional reports, self-service analytics, which will give you the freedom to construct your own analysis, or embedded analytics, which will give you results based on a traditional business application. Once you have chosen your favourite data marketing tools then you will need to consider how you will visualise the data. That means you need to choose the appropriate data management platform. The type of platform you choose will ensure the quality of your data and the record it creates. The better the platform, the more insights into your data you will receive in return. You can also choose to have your data focus on mobile and your cloud platform.