Dean Cruddace

Updated: March 28 2023

Marketing Analytics Tools

It’s impossible to execute an effective marketing campaign without understanding how users are interacting with your website. This is where intelligent marketing analytics & performance attribution tools comes in. Whether you’re establishing a brand presence with SEO, emailing your newsletter to huge numbers of people, or putting all of your efforts into social media marketing, you need the right tools to record and interpret any traffic that visits your site and any other kind of interaction potential customers have with your brand – measuring exactly what is generating leads and creating conversations. When sending out multiple marketing materials across various different medias, it’s almost impossible to keep track of what exactly is generating leads, creating conversions and finalising sales.

How Do Marketing Analytics Tools Work?

This is where marketing analytics and performance attribution tools come in to play. However, some people, even marketeers can mix up the difference between the roles of analytics and attribution. While they can both be used to generate insights on marketing campaigns, the difference is subtle. Marketing analytics tools help you to measure, manage and analyse marketing performance. The goal is to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, optimise your return on investment and identify areas to improve. These valuable insights mean your marketing team can be more efficient and minimise wasted marketing budget.

How Do Marketing Analytics Tools Help?

However, analytics don’t tell the full story. Performance attribution tools play a key role in joining the dots, as they enable you to match actions to specific marketing channels. This gives you the specifics to measure the impact different channels have on your business and see what else prospects or customers engaged with. Attribution can help you to understand the full customer journey – which is often ever-winding and overlapping. These tools can gather data from all channels in the marketing mix and provide a complete picture, giving you stronger insights. Here, you’ll find a range of effective marketing analytics and performance attribution tools that will help you to successfully strategise long- and short-term campaigns alike.

67 of the Best Marketing Analytics Tools

All of the following Marketing Analytics Tools have been reviewed, links you follow are sometimes affiliate links and some Marketing Analytics Tools have been listed because they offer a great solution to a Marketing Analytics process.

Adtriba logo


Adtriba - Marketing Attribution made easy. A simple and affordable marketing software to maximize your digital advertising and ROI

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AgencyAnalytics logo


AgencyAnalytics helps 2,000+ digital marketing agencies create reports for clients. Create custom dashboards for SEO, PPC, social, email and more. Try it free!

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Alight Analytics logo

Alight Analytics

Alight Analytics delivers marketing analytics solutions pulling data from more than 2000 sources and turning it into actionable, business-impacting insight.

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Allocadia logo


Allocadia provides Marketing Performance Management software, helping marketing teams confidently plan, manage investments, and measure results & ROI.

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Alpine Metrics logo

Alpine Metrics

Alpine Metrics Intelligent Monitoring for Enterprise Businesses

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Analytic Partners logo

Analytic Partners

Analytic Partners is an analytics company that delivers strategic consulting, marketing analytics and software to support planning and strategy needs.

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Apsalar logo


Apsalar provides mobile app attribution and audience building services that optimize marketing effectiveness and drive maximum ROI.

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AttributeApp logo


AttributeApp is a native app delivering out of the box, customizable Pardot multi-touch attribution reporting for B2B marketers

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Adinton logo


Attribution Modeling and Auto bidding Software for PPC Campaigns: Adwords, Facebook Ads, Trivago,...

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Attribution logo


Attribution tracks conversions and revenue from ads, so you can see what is bringing you customers.

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Big Picture logo

Big Picture is the easiest way to setup your website marketing stack. Collect user data with one simple interface, enrich it, and send it to all your tools. No developer needed.

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Biotron io logo

Biotron io

Biotron is user permissioned & revenue sharing user data analytics platform with blockchain transparency and security. Get BTRN token and participate on success of next-generation personal data warehousing & monetization solution.

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BrightTarget logo


BrightTarget is a B2B Predictive Marketing Analytics platform focused on increasing Customer Lifetime Value through machine learning and data science.

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C3 Metrics logo

C3 Metrics

Built by marketers, C3 Metrics is a global leader in cross-channel advertising measurement & accountability. Only C3 Metrics has the Attribution Data Cloud.

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Hunch logo


CareJourney harnesses open data and methods to provide insights and tools that allow care teams to coordinate better outcomes for their patients.

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ChannelMix logo


ChannelMix ends the manual data gathering circuit & gives data driven marketers a platform to integrate marketing data into a single source of truth.

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Full Circle Insights logo

Full Circle Insights

Close the gap between data and insights, marketing and sales, and goals and results with Full Circle Insights marketing performance measurement software.

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Commerce Signals logo

Commerce Signals

Commerce Signals connects advertisers and publishers directly with near-real-time insights from financial institutions. Advertisers use these insights to optimize media tactics and measure the incremental cross-channel sales driven by their advertising. Financial institutions activate data through our secure, permission-based data platform while maintaining their control of the use and price.

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Convertro logo


Convertro is a leading automated holistic marketing attribution platform, helping top marketers understand the performance of their full funnel.

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Datorama logo


Datorama is AI-powered marketing intelligence. Make smarter decisions by connecting and acting on all of your marketing data, investments, and KPIs.

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DemandJump logo


DemandJump is a customer acquisition platform that helps companies target customers with precision, increasing revenue and eliminating wasted spend.

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Digital Media Solutions logo

Digital Media Solutions

DMS is rewriting the rules of customer acquisition. Working tirelessly to help elevate your performance marketing strategy and put you on the top.

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Evolve24 logo


evolve24 puts custom predictive analytic solutions at your fingertips. Quantifying strategic decision making throughout the organization. Learn More!

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Ferrite Labs logo

Ferrite Labs

Ferrite Labs is a MarTech startup creating disruptive software for managing and continuously improving marketing performance. Apply to our early adopters program for discounts and influence in our roadmap.

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ClickGum logo


Free click & link tracking software. Optimize landing page with traffic A/B split test and link rotator. Track Sales and increase your ROI by 33% with ClickGum.

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FunnelCake logo


FunnelCake helps B2B marketing teams learn about their buyer's journey. Our blog helps your marketing team make the most of their tools, tactics, and each other.

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FunnelWise logo


FunnelWise optimizes the performance of marketing and sales with actionable insights through full-funnel intelligence and Revenue Funnel Science.

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BrightFunnel logo


Get a complete picture of marketings impact on sales with the leading attribution and forecasting solution for B2B marketers.

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VisScore logo


Get online with Website Builder! Create a free 2-page website to go with your new domain. Start now for free, no credit card required!

Learn More logo is todays most cost-effective media monitoring & PR measurement solution. Full news & social media coverage. Advanced metrics. Superb analytics.

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Indicative logo


Growth marketers, product managers, and data analysts use Indicative to optimize customer conversion, engagement, and retention.

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Intelligence Plaza logo

Intelligence Plaza

home:Intelligence Plaza is the Competitive Intelligence software that outclasses the competition

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KickFire logo


KickFire is the industry leader in IP Address intelligence, providing B2B firmographics based on IP address through its LIVE Leads, API and Prospector products

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Kochava logo


Kochava is the industry leader for mobile app attribution and mobile app analytics. We enable top brands to harness their data for growth. Learn more here.

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Kvantum logo


Kvantum combines Voice of Consumer analytics with Marketing Mix & Attribution to optimize both short term marketing impact as well as long term brand equity driven sales.

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i.Predictus logo


Learn how Marketsmith delivers superior marketing data, strategy, content, media, visualization and optimization services using our unique, patented solutions and i.Predictus platform.

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Latent View Analytics logo

Latent View Analytics

Looking for the top globally-recognized digital analytics firm? Check out LatentView today for cutting-edge solutions with actionable insights for Business, Marketing, Supply Chain and Risk Mitigation. Gain a competitive advantage over your peers by hopping on to the digital transformation wave.

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ScanmarQED logo


Marketers, get the most modern, easy-to-use marketing intelligence software in the fields of predictive analytics, data integration, planning and forecasting.

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Origami Logic logo

Origami Logic

Marketing analytics software that helps the worlds largest brands harmonize their marketing data and see what’s working, what’s not, and where to optimize.

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OptiMine Software logo

OptiMine Software

Marketing Attribution, Marketing Mix Modeling, Marketing Budget Optimization

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Marketing Evolution logo

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution provides the most modern marketing measurement and optimization solutions that increase campaign performance, sales, and engagement. See why forward-looking brands rely on us to deliver accurate measurement across both online and offline channels, while maximizing their media spend and ROI.

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Hive9 logo


Marketing performance and planning software helping B2B marketers make a measurable and predictable impact on revenue.

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Tractionboard logo


Marketing ROI & Traction Analytics for SaaS

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Roivenue logo


Measure, Analyze, and Improve your marketing ROI Roivenue is the business-critical decision making tool for e-commerce marketing professionals. Translate marketing investments, customer behavior, and revenue into clear strategic decisions.

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MSIGHTS is a cloud platform designed for marketing data transformation and media campaign performance reporting.

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Newlytics logo


Newlytics is an easy to use marketing analytics platform for marketers and small businesses alike. Our software will track your marketing results for you with integrated machine learning, analysis, SEO, email and advertising tracking.

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Omega logo


Omega is the first performance management application for Marketo. Omega gives Marketo users insights, corrects problems, improves performance and much more.

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Gapidu logo


Overstack | Solving Your MarTech Challenges

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Performance Horizon logo

Performance Horizon

Partnerize Partner Management Platform (PMP) is a SaaS tool that makes it easy to form and grow all your partnerships, from affiliates to influencers and strategic brand alliances.

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PeoplePattern logo


People Pattern is a platform that supplies Audience Intelligence to the world’s biggest brands, turning vast messy public data into actionable persona sets.

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PlaceLinks logo


PlaceLinks Media Dashboard, Marketing Integration Platform, Advertising Reporting platform, Media Reporting platform, Customer Reporting platform, Marketing Reporting platform, Click Tracking, Call Tracking, Lead tracking, Advertiser Reporting platform, SEM Reporting, SEM Analysis, Social Media Reporting, Social Media Analysis

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Prismana logo


Prismana helps businesses simply and cost effectively know where efforts are paying off by channel. And does it without disrupting existing systems.

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Protagonist logo


Protagonist identifies, measures and helps brands leverage the narratives that guide customer behavior.

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Quantifind logo


Quantifind offers signal extraction and other data solutions to brands looking to go beyond social listening and understand what drives revenue.

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Spatially logo


Reach your local audience and increase sales with online advertising, location intelligence tools, and demographic insights.

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Retailflux logo


RetailFlux is the revolutionary retail analytic platform utilizing in-store video. RetailFlux analytics include people counting, heat maps and more.

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CiG logo


Simplifying the way Marketers access, generate and share market and customer insights with our on-demand Saas insights technology - intelligentVIEW.

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Snowplow Analytics logo

Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow Analytics technology give you control of your own data, setting your team free to use data to be transformative. Take control of you data!

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Prodlytic logo


Specialized analytics for product people - automatically record every user interaction with a single snippet of code.

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Adcurve logo


The ultimate tool to connect, analyze and optimize your digital marketing channels.

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Wicked Reports logo

Wicked Reports

Track and measure the performance of your marketing and advertising. Get accurate attribution data for your paid ads, email marketing, social media activity, and more.

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Admetrics logo


Track more accurately, make smarter decisions.

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Trackstreet logo


TrackStreet is your premier partner for Minumum Advertised Price policy monitoring, MAP enforcement, and online business expansion. now!

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GoSquared logo


Turn visitors into customers with live chat and CRM software guaranteed to increase conversion.

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VIDIRO Analytics - YouTube Marketing Technology for the media, advertising, and marketing world focused on audience discovery, development and targeting.

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Visual IQ logo

Visual IQ

We combine the power of diverse analytic approaches so you have access to the right insights, at exactly the right time to support any marketing decision.

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Faraday logo


Welcome to Faraday, the smartest way to leverage AI for your B2C company.

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