Customer Data Platforms

When you’re interested in learning about the quality of our products, especially in relation to your customer’s feedback, it’s important that you invest in a sturdy customer data platform.

Customer data platforms allow you to collect and analyse data relating to your customers’ opinions about your brand.

If you are serious about marketing and ensuring your current marketing or advertising campaign connects with its audience, you will need to understand so much more than your brand identity; you will need to know exactly how your customers and potential customers perceive your brand.

There are so many customer data platforms out there, so it’s important to shop around for a tool that suits your needs. Once you’ve found one that works, allow this added insight to inform all of your marketing activities!

These platforms can be used for nearly any industry and any sort of product. They will collect and analyse data in order to see your customer’s opinions on the quality of your brand.

Your customer data platform is extremely useful if you are currently undertaking a marketing or advertising campaign. If you need to figure out a strategy that specifically targets your audience then a customer data platform can assist.

Some platforms can even look into predictive insights of your future statistics. These may involve the assistance of AI or machine learning. Watch the trends constantly change based on what strategies you implement for your brand and the public’s overall opinion.

If you need any additional assistance, some customer data platforms offer personalisation of specific platforms. This is through the help of marketing specialists in relation to your customer’s purchases, your 1-to-1 digital experiences, mobile uses and marketing emails.

Overall, it’s important to realise that all of these customer data platforms are extremely personal. You need to pick the best one for your brand that can help you grow. They will keep all information private and produce top-notch strategies based on the given data.

Take a look at our helpful list of customer data platforms and see which one would best suit your business. We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about them.

  • Ascent360
    A cloud based marketing software that enables highly targeted, omni-channel marketing strategies direct to customers and prospects.
  • Quaero
    A customer data platform (CDP) helping brands, agencies, retailers and publishers bring in all of their consumer data from online and offline sources, enables analytics and insight to drive person centric marketing and advertising.
  • ActionIQ
    ActionIQ is the leading enterprise Customer Data Platform, solving the biggest problem marketers face: the flow and scale of data, analytics, and campaigns.
  • BlueShift
    Activate your customer data, unlock predictive insights, and automate personalized campaigns with ease.
  • Tealium
    All of your data. Fully integrated. Tealiums Universal Data Hub connects your mobile, web, offline, and other data sources together with every vendor integration.
  • BlueConic
    BlueConic is the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP), built to liberate first-party data from all the disparate systems in which it currently exists, and make it available wherever and whenever it is required for marketing activation.
  • Umbel
    Engage fans, collect fan data, and transform data into revenue with the leading solution for sports and entertainment marketers.
  • FirstHive
    Firsthive enables a Single Customer View (SCV) by building customer identities from data aggregated across online and offline channels.
  • CrossEngage
    Flexible customer data platform for cross-channel CRM and marketing. Create meaningful customer experiences—across channels, in real time, at scale.
  • Fospha
    Fosphas multi-touch attribution product leverages cutting-edge data science to enable marketers to understand and optimise the value of every touchpoint.
  • Lexer
    From acquisition to growth to advocacy – our software has you covered. Use one or combine them all, deliver results your business will love.
  • Signal
    Identity resolution starts with data onboarding. Signal empowers brands to connect with consumers at every critical moment with real-time marketing.
  • Gamooga
    Improve user experience via web banner, mobile push, email, web push, in-app notifications and predictive analytics.
  • Lytics
    Lytics lets you understand who your customers are, how they engage with your content, and deliver unified experiences across channels, building trust in your brand. Start utilizing your customer data to improve your marketing with Lytics.
  • mParticle
    mParticle’s customer data platform integrates all of your data and orchestrates it across channels, partners, and systems so you’ll never miss an opportunity to impress.
  • Nominow
    Nominow customer data platform is the marketing solution to have all your essential customer’s data in one place. Your operational marketing database.
  • Hull
    One unified customer database to transform, enrich, segment data in all your tools in real-time.
  • Treasure Data
    Over 100+ out-of-the-box integrations to unify your data on Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform. Includes data connectors, machine learning and more.
  • Vizury
    Personalize your ecommerce marketing campaigns at a user level. Engage your users, drive quality traffic and grow conversions by 5x with Vizury
  • QuickPivot
    QuickPivot offers a wide scope of customer data aggregation, segmentation, and processing tools that includes a complete customer data platform that is backed by machine learning. Put the power of your customer data in the hands of your marketing team with the tools, systems, and services offered by QuickPivot.
  • Boxever
    Recognised in Gartner’s Personalisation Engine Magic Quadrant 2018, Boxever is the only CDP with a Personalisation Engine powered by AI & Machine Learning
  • Reltio
    Reltio delivers reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions so you can be right faster. Reltio Cloud combines modern master data management with data-driven applications for better planning, customer engagement and risk management.
  • Selligent
    Selligent Marketing Cloud is a natively integrated engagement Marketing Automation platform that drives growth by helping marketing teams to build consumer-first relationships through omnichannel experiences.
  • Simon Data
    Simon Data is a customer data platform that enables marketers to effectively leverage all of their data to drive personalization and value for their customers across every channel. Connect your data in minutes, create customized segments, deploy to existing channels, and discover what your customers want.
  • SessionM
    Stronger customer relationships through smarter engagement.
  • Amperity
    Supercharge Your Customer Initiatives Using All Your Data to Build Complete, Actionable Customer Profiles from All Your Disparate Data Sources.
  • ONEcount
    The Audience Activation Platform
  • Ensighten
    The leader in enterprise data privacy and GDPR website compliance solutions. Helping brands securely manage and unify disparate marketing technologies and data.
  • Optimove
    The Science-First Optimove Relationship Marketing Hub orchestrates hyper-targeted customer communications at scale, empowering brands to drive growth through CRM automation.
  • Splio
    The Splio Customer Platform drives connected loyalty marketing on and offline delivering revenue and profit across every channel.
  • Usermind
    Usermind's Customer Engagement Hub platform creates a single view of the customer and orchestrates customer experience across systems and teams.
  • AgilOne
    Want to unleash the power of your customer data? Learn about AgilOne's enterprise B2C customer data platform, services, and customer success stories.
  • conDati
    We apply AI and Machine Learning algorithms to build analytic solutions that transform into accessible dashboards, alerts and automatic reports. We provide comprehensive and real-time visibility, predictive models, and science-based recommendations needed to maximize Marketing’s contribution to business success.
  • RedEye
    We are RedEye - A Digital Marketing Company specialising in AI driven Marketing Automation Technology & Services. Find out how we can help your business.
  • NectarOM
    We make it easy for enterprises to build, operate, and scale their customers omnichannel personalization capability.
  • Yeti Data
    Yeti Data’s analytic apps, powered by our Yeti Snowflake technology help you understand how effective each customer touch is with our data-driven approach.
  • Zaius
    Zaius brings customer data and campaign execution together in a single platform, empowering B2C marketers to engineer the repeat purchase.

The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

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