Data Management Platforms

In today’s marketplace it is important to know what your audience are looking for and what they will respond well to.

In digital marketing, it is vital to make informed decisions. To do this, you need to collect and process a lot of data.

Data management platforms allow you to sift through and manage any data you collect online.

While there is a vast range of data management platforms to choose from, all of them have been designed to help you make sense of any information you have chosen to collect about your website, your customers, your current marketing campaign, and anything else you’d like to measure.

Once you have processed your data, you can interpret clear trends and make intelligent marketing decisions at every level of your business.

Data management platforms can provide several useful sets of tools for gathering this data. However, this is only half of their function.

Once you have collected the relevant data it can often feel like you are dealing with far too much information about a client or project: as our ability to measure important factors increases, so we need to increase our ability to sift through it.

Data management platforms also get designed with the ability to manage data, and to draw from it trends to guide the onward development of your marketing strategy.

This ability to manage data can pay serious dividends once you are able to quickly sort through all your gathered information to find the best paths forward for your business.

Exactly which data management platform you need will depend on a range of factors including your scope of ambition and likely target markets. Some data management platforms are tailored to specific industries such as travel or the media.

Others offer the ability to increase your storage system’s speed and efficiency by reordering storage to allow for the optimum use of space.

  • Spocto
    A Big Data Analytics Company focused on ‘Individual Consumer’ Data driven Insights on mass scale to significantly enhance effectiveness of business.
  • AdForm
    Adform is one of the world's largest private and independent advertising technology companies and is best known for its seamlessly integrated DSP, DMP, and Ad Server.
  • Relationship Onemarketing
    At Relationship One, we empower organizations to modernize their marketing through strategy, technology and data. Our mission is simple - inspire success.
  • Datagres Perfaccel
    DATAGRES helps companies to visualize, control and accelerate their storage/application performance using deep file-level storage intelligence.
  • DataXu
    dataxus TouchPoint DSP enables marketing professionals to connect with real people across all channels to capture attention when & where it matters most.
  • Dentsu Aegis Network
    Dentsu Aegis Network is a global media group that specialises in Media, Digital and creative Communications services that Innovate the way brands are built.
  • DTScout
    DTSCOUT (DTS) acts as a single point of contact- bringing together data-driven marketing leaders and data from millions of small-medium publishers.
  • Vserv
    Grow your business with Mobile Advertising. People-based marketing made sharper with Vserv Authentic Data. Leverage our data across multiple channels.
  • KBM Group
    KBM Group transforms marketing efforts into mutually beneficial customer conversations through data-driven insights to optimize business outcomes.
  • Knowledge Marketing
    Knowledge Marketing is a technology and services company that leverages our integrated Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform to drive marketing ROI.
  • Clear Analytics
    Make Everyone A Power Analyst! Powerful Business Intelligence Using EXCEL! Fast & Easy No Training - No Migration! Share & Collaborate | Clear Analytics - Excel based Self Service analytics leveraging Power BI
  • Lotame
    Make your data actionable, learn about your most valuable customers, improve ROI by targeting the right audience and increase relevance across screens.
  • MediaMath
    MediaMath is the leader in programmatic marketing technology, with powerful data management platforms, omnichannel DSP, audiences, supply and intelligence.
  • ActivePrime
    More than 10 years experience providing CRM data governance solutions for the Enterprise - Data Quality Management, Data Enrichment, Data Access, Data Validation.
  • Neustar
    Neustar connects people, places, and things with world-class and industry-leading solutions in Marketing, Digital Defense, Digital Performance, Risk, Communications, and Registry solutions.
  • IgnitionOne
    Our award-winning Customer Intelligence Platform enables marketers to understand, value and engage with their customers in real-time.
  • The Trade Desk
    Precision targeting across display, video, mobile, native, audio and TV — and all devices.
  • Receptiv
    Receptiv is the leading mobile, video in-app advertising platform that is measurable and scalable.
  • Sojern
    Sojern, travels direct demand engine for thousands of brands that drives more direct bookings and maximizes revenue.
  • Neodata Group
    Technology provider enabling brands, publishers and advertising sales agencies to collect, analyze and use audience data.
  • Beaconinside Proximity Dmp
    The Beaconinside Proximity DMP gathers, processes and analyzes data from beacons, geofences, NFC and Physical Web. This enables you to create customer centric mobile experiences. All on one cloud platform.
  • Media Innovation Group
    The Media Innovation Group. Specializing in online digital advertising, search marketing.
  • TapFwd
    The world's largest network for inter-brand collaboration.
  • Adex
    We believe in our mission to revolutionize the digital marketing with our combined solutions for data management, verification and marketplace. We enable. We ensure. We embrace.
  • Xaxis
    We combine advanced artificial intelligence with proprietary data and proven expertise to optimize programmatic media investments and achieve verifiable results.
  • Datatonics
    We’re Datatonic, a London-based data team who use cutting-edge machine learning, data engineering and analytics to help businesses unlock greater performance.
  • Adara
    With a simple vision of growing the travel industry together. Give data, and get insights and knowledge in return.
  • Mapp
    Your shortest route to customer engagement.

The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

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