What is Technical SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the marketing discipline of removing Technical SEO barriers within your website so search engines can crawl, index and return that relevant content for their users search queries. There are many types of ways that websites are created, from bespoke hand built and coded sites through to a wide variety of open source and paid Content Management Systems (CMS). All are coded in varying languages but all have the fundemental HTML, CSS & JavaScript at their core. These languages and a lot more beside are the usual cause of crawling and indexing issues making it harder for search engines to firstly "crawl", Index and rank your content.

Diagnosis of these issues begins with a Technical SEO Audit, whether it is for the beginning of an SEO Campaign or it is to root out why content is not being discovered, Technical SEO audits get to the bootom of why and provide the solutions & recommendations to address and how to address them.

Sunderland SEO Company

Cultured Digital® is an SEO company in Sunderland having worked with hundreds of companies worldwide since 2001 we've helped grow Organic search traffic and drive more business through generating more leads and ranking a brands products across niches from travel to engineering, to dog walking to beauty bars to psychotherapy and many more companies just like yours.

User Experience

Fundamental to every website is how easy is it to use, does it meet the search intent of why they landed on your website. Creating easy to use websites, creating an information architecture that makes sense, making it easy to understand exactly what you offer within seconds of landing on a page within your website whether they use desktop search or a mobile device.

Quality Content

Satisfying the intent of a search query begins with the quality of content you present, whether this is branded, informational or transactional content.

  • Branded search query - Already familiar with your brand
  • Informational search query - Research before making a decision
  • Transactional search query - Ready to buy or inquire about your service

Every visitor to your site via the Organic traffic channel meets one or a combination of those search query types, satisfying that intent with content that represents what you offer is the key to not only ranking better but also satisfying the intent of other channels that drive traffic to your website such as Paid Search, Referral Traffic, Social Media, Email Marketing).

How do our SEO campaigns help?

After we get to know why your website exists, we set clear goals within your Google Analytics account (unless they are there already), we use those goals and work backwards to create a definitive SEO campaign strategy and tactics.

Developing an Organic search traffic marketing strategy we use different techniques to optimise existing content, remove any Technical SEO barriers and create content or assets that attract links.