106 Dashboards & Data Visualization Tools

  1. 1010data - 1010data offers the only enterprise-scale, self-service platform for data management, analytics and application building.
  2. ADVIZOR Solutions - ADVIZOR Solutions provides business analysis software & consulting services. Make better, faster decisions from your data with visual, interactive software!
  3. Andara - Business Intelligence dashboard based on balanced scorecard methodology to monitor all your key performance indicators.
  4. AppDirect - AppDirect is the only end-to-end commerce platform that helps deliver any digital service, on any device, and accelerate time to market.
  5. Autographic Insight - Stop wasting time manually reporting we automate Paid search, Affilates, display, programmatic & Social saving companies up to 35 hours a week reporting with our dashboards
  6. Beeboard - BeeBoard is an easy to use Social Digital Signage solution for iPhone and iPad. Create your own digital signage network with BeeBoard Publisher (iPhone) and share content to one or multiple wall-mounted screens running BeeBoard Viewer (iPad). Combine analogue and digital information with our beautiful BeeBoaord combination bulletin board tablet enclosures.
  7. Bright Gauge - Eliminate data silos with BrightGauge's intuitive real-time dashboards. Get customized reports for client reporting and goal management that provide superior insights.
  8. Carriots Analytics - Carriots Analytics is a cloud based business intelligence software for data visualization and exploration. Create interactive reports and dashboards using the flexible GUI.
  9. ChartBlocks - Build charts online with the easy to use ChartBlock chart designer interface. Upload your data then set to work designing your chart.
  10. CHARTIO - Chartio is on a mission to join people on data. As a cloud-based business analytics solution, we enable everyone to analyze their data within business applic...
  11. ChartMogul - SaaS & subscription reporting, analytics & metrics for Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly and PayPal. In one click get your MRR, LTV, churn rate, cohort analysis and more.
  12. ChartsBin - ChartsBin.com is a web-based data visualization tool that will allow everyone to quickly and easily create rich interactive visualizations with their own data.
  13. ClicData - Managing Data Can Be Ugly. Intelligent Dashboards Are The Beautiful Solution. Make better decisions faster with ClicDatas BI dashboard software. No Credit Card
  14. Cluvio - With Cluvio you can run SQL queries against your database and visualize the results as beautiful interactive dashboards that can easily be shared with your team. Cluvio supports all major SQL databases like Postgres, MySQL, Redshift, Athena, BigQuery, Snowflake, Presto, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform and Exasol.
  15. Control - Control lets SaaS and Commerce businesses see all their Stripe, PayPal, and Square transaction analytics on 1 dashboard and receive personalized mobile notifications anywhere. No coding required.
  16. Cyfe - Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure... all in one place. Track your entire business in real-time.
  17. D3 - Data Driven Documents - D3 is a JavaScript library for visualizing data with HTML, SVG, and CSS.
  18. Dapresy - Market Research Reporting Made Easy Created for market research & customer experience professionals for efficient production & effective reporting.
  19. Dashboard Insight - Provides insight into dashboards, business intelligence and data visualization. Learn to analyze company data using business analytics and performance dashboard software.
  20. Dasheroo - Track your important KPIs for overall business analytics, web analytics, marketing, social media and sales, in one great-looking free business dashboard.
  21. DashMetrics - DashMetrics is a platform that enables individuals and companies to create easily digestible infographic dashboards and share them either privately via teams, or publicly via social media. Sign up today!
  22. DashThis - Cut your Analytics, SEM & SEO reporting time in half. Gather your marketing data in easy-to-use digital marketing reporting dashboard software. Try it free!
  23. DashZen - Dashzen is a new cloud platform for creating meaningful information out of raw data that businesses and people are already collecting. This information is presented beautifully on browser-based dashboards that can be public or private.
  24. Data Hero - DataHero is an online data visualization and data dashboard software platform that makes it easy to share insights with your team and your clients.
  25. Databox - Business Analytics platform built to help you understand what’s going on with your business. KPIs from cloud services, spreadsheets, database in one place.
  26. DataCopia - Datacopia - Data Visualization Reimagined. Create beautiful charts and graphs online instantly by simply pasting in your data.
  27. DataDeck - DataDeck allows you to easily connect all your data and bring it into one place. Quickly view the health of your business and share it with your team
  28. Datapine - datapine offers a lean Business Intelligence software that helps non-technical users to explore, visualize and share their data like never before.
  29. DataPlay - DataPlay is a data management software which enables users to analyze, visualize and present their data with Excel and PowerPoint Add-ins. Build crosstabs, run statistical tests, do analysis in Excel, create PowerPoint charts, and share results in a presentation. Analyze data from SPSS, UTAB, WinCross, Excel with DataPlay’s analysis, visualization, charting, reporting and presentation tools
  30. Datawrapper - Create interactive, responsive & beautiful charts — no code required.
  31. DBXtra - DBxtra – Software for Reporting. Design Web Reports and Dashboards in Minutes not Hours!
  32. Domotalk - Domo is the operating system that allows you to run your entire business on your phone
  33. Dundas - Dundas BI is dashboard, reporting and data analytics software all in a single business intelligence platform. Because great BI needs to work the way you do
  34. Easy Insight - Easy Insight provides a self service, business user friendly solution for quick, easy, and affordable business intelligence over the cloud.
  35. EspressDashboard - Home - Quadbase Systems provides Java based enterprise reporting, BI dashboard, data visualization and data analytic solutions for easy web based deployment. Its leading edge dashboard software allow users to visualize companies performance and visualize and an
  36. Exago Inc - Reporting is the bedrock of good BI, so we created a host of tools designed to give users of all technical backgrounds direct control over their data.
  37. Flourish - Flourish is a powerful platform for data visualisation and storytelling
  38. Fokus - FOKUS to system tworzenia raportów z różnych źródeł. Możesz zmieniać szablony, integrować dane z Facebooka, YouTube'a, Instagrama itp.; FOKUS moze zostać dostosowany do potrzeb każdego klienta w bardzo zindywidualizowany sposób. Raporty generuje się w czasie poniżej 15 minut.
  39. Funnel - With Integrations to All Marketing & Advertising Platforms Funnel Automates Data Collection & Marketing Reporting. Used By Data-driven Businesses Worldwide.
  40. FusionCharts - JavaScript charts for web and mobile apps. 95+ chart types, 1400+ maps and 20+ business dashboards with pre-built themes for any business use-case. Build fast, responsive and highly customizable data visualizations trusted by over 28,000 customers and 750,000 developers worldwide.
  41. Geckoboard - Use Geckoboard to build clear, effective data dashboards for your business that keep teams informed, motivated and aligned around your KPIs. Try for free.
  42. Grafana - Data visualization & Monitoring with support for Graphite, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Elasticsearch and many more databases
  43. Graphiq - Access more than 10 billion authoritative, live-updating, and embeddable Graphiq Visualizations.
  44. Grow - Grow offers business intelligence software to rally your team around the right metrics and empower your organization with data. Get a trial today!
  45. Growthbot - GrowthBot Is a digital assistant you can chat with to quickly get answers. It integrates with your favorite tools, finds out information about your competitors & helps you prospect for leads.
  46. HappyMetrix - HappyMetrix lets you create easy-to-use, beautiful dashboards, collecting validated data from diverse sources. Monitor your key metrics in one place.
  47. iCharts - Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics for NetSuite and Google Cloud. iCharts BI is the native visual reporting application for NetSuite.
  48. iDashboards - iDashboards is a data visualization solution that can transform your data reporting into interactive business intelligence dashboards.
  49. InetSoft - InetSoft is a pioneer in the field of data intelligence, providing big data analytics and dashboard reporting solutions. Get data right with InetSoft.
  50. InfoCaptor - Best Dashboard software. Analytics, Data Visualization and reporting software. Build web based Excel Dashboards in minutes with beautiful Data Visualizations using drag ...
  51. Intellicus - Intellicus, BI reporting tool, assists enterprises in deriving a meaningful value from their data. Download Intellicus today for instant analytics &
  52. Jinfonet - Business Intelligence and Analytics Software that integrates into your applications. See the most powerful and reliable embedded analytics and reporting software for your enterprise now!
  53. Juice Analytics - Juicebox. A new kind of platform for presenting dashboards to the everyday decision maker. Now everyone can join the data discussion.
  54. Kilometer.io - Kilometer.io - Automate boring tasks by adding Machine Learning to tools such as CRM, Marketing Automation and Help-desk software
  55. Klipfolio - Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform for building powerful real-time business dashboards for your team or your clients.
  56. Leftronic - AppInsights provides real time reporting of data analytics and visualization through a KPI dashboard software that will inform, unite, and drive your company…
  57. Linkurious - Linkurious helps organizations fight fraud, money-laundering, cyber-security and crimes with a detection and investigation platform for the visualization and analysis of connected data.
  58. Logi Analytics - Logi Analytics embeds business intelligence in the fabric of your organization and products. With Logi, you can create analytic apps for every users needs.
  59. Lucify - Lucify helps organisations visualize, understand, and communicate important data and models.
  60. Maptive - Maptive can transform your location data into a beautiful, customized Google map in just a few steps. Using our mapping software you can upload spreadsheet data or start by creating an empty map, and we will make a custom interactive map for you in just a few seconds.
  61. MarketSight - MarketSight makes it easy to understand your survey data. Use simple drag and drop functionality, create interactive dashboards, and share findings with clients and colleagues.
  62. MATLAB - MathWorks develops, sells, and supports MATLAB and Simulink products.
  63. Measureful - Automating the collection, analysis and presentation of data. Turn marketing data into elegantly designed marketing and client reports.
  64. Mojix - RFID technology, IoT platform solutions and cloud and mobile development services for Big Data applications. Visibility to the edge of your business.
  65. Naveego - A simple, cloud-based platform that allows you to deliver accurate dashboards by taking a bottom-up approach to data quality and exception management.
  66. Neatly.io - Tips and Tricks to grow your online business from leading experts, from startups to multi million businesses, sign up to our monthly newsletter today.
  67. Nugit - Nugit is powering the shift from Dashboards to Data Stories. Our A.I. and NLG automatically add context to your Data Visualisations, helping you get to impactful Insight-rich Reports, faster than before. Stop searching for insights in your Dashboard and Reports, find meaning and tell a data story
  68. Numetric - Unlock the value of your data
  69. OfficeReports - Creating charts, tables and other infographics in Excel and PowerPoint has never been easier!
  70. OQLIS - Data Analytics with OQLIS makes it easy for users to interrogate their data and build reports and dashboards in an intuitive drag on drop interface.
  71. Parabola.io - Drag-and-drop to automate your repetitive tasks. No spreadsheets or coding required.
  72. Plecto - Build real-time business dashboards for displaying and tracking KPIs. Motivate your team with a dashboard software with gamification. Try Plecto for free.
  73. Qeymetrics - Qeymetrics identifies and gathers information and helps take your business analytics to new heights.
  74. Qlik - The Qlik data analytics platform offers powerful self-service visualization, guided and embedded analytics and reporting capabilities to over 45,000 customers worldwide.
  75. Quadrigram - Quadrigram is an online visualization data tool that will help you to improve and make interactive presentations for every purpose. Try it now for free!
  76. Redash - Use Redash to connect to any data source (Redshift, BigQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and many others), query, visualize and share your data to make your company data driven.
  77. Reeport - Reeport is a SaaS application layer on top of all your data. Connect all your analytics data, Visualize it and automate its Broadcast
  78. Reflect - Automatically deliver and operate all of your software across its entire lifecycle — simply, securely and at scale — with Puppets modern automation. With Puppet, the technology is finally here to enable you to automate across your entire enterprise. So you can scale your success and accelerate delivery.
  79. ReportDash - ReportDash enables you to create highly customizable reports and dashboards from all your important marketing data sources like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Bing Ads, Instagram Insights, LinkedIn Insights, YouTube Insights, Google Sheets, CSV/Excel and many more.
  80. ReportGarden - Marketing Agency Software from ReportGarden gives marketing agencies a single, central solution to manage clients, campaigns & reporting on single platform
  81. Reportz - Automated reporting software, allowing you to create a customizable digital marketing KPI dashboard by populating it with widgets showing data from a range of integrated data analysis tools. Creating SEO reports for clients could take minutes instead of hours, see how by making use of our free trial
  82. Roosboard - Roosboard provides powerful voice & search enabled analytics to discover the business data in seconds and to comprehend the business metrics with ease.
  83. SAP - Get software and technology solutions from SAP, the leader in business applications. Run simple with the best in cloud, analytics, mobile and IT solutions.
  84. Screenful - Screenful develops business performance dashboards that help companies to track and optimise their operations
  85. SharpCloud - Data driven business storytelling, project management and presentation software for roadmapping and project scheduling, strategic planning and visual communication.
  86. Sisense - Business Intelligence software by Sisense, the industry leader in BI for complex data - easily prepare, analyze & explore growing data from multiple sources.
  87. Slemma - Slemma is an adaptable data analytics tool for business intelligence. Connects to your data so team members can explore and share business insights quickly.
  88. Spinify - Leaderboards to engage and motivate teams, real time updates on team activities, making them compete like never before. 14 Days Free. No Credit Card.
  89. Statsbot - Statsbot is a data platform that serves every department and every person’s data needs.
  90. StatSilk - Create interactive maps and charts using the award-winning, cross-platform StatPlanet software
  91. Supermetrics - Marketing reporting made easy. Pull all your PPC, SEO, social and analytics data into automated reports. Connect to Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Linkedin and more.
  92. Sweetspot Intelligence - Sweetspot combines a breakthrough technology for omnichannel data integration with powerful storytelling, machine learning, and unprecedented scalability.
  93. Tableau - Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.
  94. tanzle - Tanzle is a cutting-edge information and communication platform for visualization, analysis, and training.
  95. TapClicks - Unified, scalable, end-to-end solution for marketing analytics, reporting, workflow and order management. Now serving 1,000,000 dashboards across the globe.
  96. Thinkmap - Thinkmap, Inc. develops and markets software that uses visualization to facilitate communication, learning, and discovery. We specialize in user interfaces and visualization mechanisms that allow end-users to more effectively browse and understand complex information.
  97. Visage - Help your entire organization become Brand Storytellers. Its now possible for everyone to create effective infographics, presentations, and reports.
  98. Visible VC Inc - Engage your investors with automatic, data-driven investor updates they can access anywhere.
  99. VisualizeROI - VisualizeROI is not just an ROI Calculator. VisualizeROI is a value communication engine. With our powerful ROI solution, you don't tell your customers how much value they will gain with your solution. You collaborate with them throughout their experience with your company.
  100. Visualr - Visualr is one of the rare data visualization tools that provide the enterprises with an extensively flexible connectivity in terms of multiple database types.
  101. Viur - Viur is a business intelligence solution that helps companies to unlock the value of data, through visualization and simple data exploration.
  102. WebKPI - webKPI is a business intelligence dashboard provider for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  103. Whatagraph - Whatagraph is the most visual multi-source marketing reporting platform. Built in collaboration with digital marketing agencies
  104. Wolfram Alpha - Compute answers using Wolfram's breakthrough technology & knowledgebase, relied on by millions of students & professionals. For math, science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, music...
  105. Yaware.Dashboard - Yaware.Dashboard - all company data in one place
  106. ZoomData - Zoomdata is the fastest visual analytics for big data. Unlock insights with big data visualization at the speed of thought.