Data Visualization Tools

It’s important to get the feedback that you need to improve your latest marketing campaign.

Successful marketing campaigns rely on accurate data, but raw data does very little to help any company.

It is how this information is processed and visualised that allows you to derive meaning and make positive changes to your online marketing activity. This is where dashboard & data visualisation tools come in!

They do all of the data processing for you, presenting you with easy-to-interpret graphs, charts, scorecards, and so much more. The right data visualisation tool allows you to interpret data on a day-to-day basis, enabling to you react exactly when you need to!

The data you receive is crucial to seeing what your audience thinks of the quality and utility of your products. In order to make things easier, your dashboard needs to be able to display your data through the simplest means possible.

That’s why it needs to include data visualization dashboards. Data Visualization dashboards can include graphs, scorecards, charts and goal management predictions in order to give you an insight into how well your products are doing on the market, as well as how you can improve and expand your business.

What makes visualization software even better is that it can be shared with your colleagues and work mates through interactive reports, cloud intelligence software and sharable dashboards.

If you need to create an alert about an important set of data, you can use bulletin boards to set reminders and make notes.

Keep in mind that data visualization dashboards can also keep an eye on your monetary transfers, social media analytics and provide you with personal and professional advice on how you can improve your customers’ experiences.

All you need to do is consider your KPIs and then place your marketing data on your dashboard. The visuals will show you in no time how well you are doing and where you need to make improvements.

If you take a look at our data visualization dashboard list, you will see that there are a high number of free dashboards that you can simply download and personalise as you like. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

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