What is Link Building?

Link building is a vital part of SEO. it’s a complicated process but the principle is simple, if someone links to your website Google sees this as a digital thumbs-up and it increases your ranking in its search engine results.

It gets more complicated however as links from bad or irrelevant websites can damage your Google ranking this is where Cultured Digital comes in, we know how to build the right links to your website, we know how to connect your business to the best websites, we know how to improve your link profile in a safe and sustainable way.

Why is Link Building important?

Link building is called by several other names, with link development and link attraction being two of the most common. No matter what you call it, it’s a method of attracting or intentionally building inbound links to your site.

In addition to sending you qualified traffic when a user clicks on these links, they should help you rank higher. That “should” is in there because it’s not as simple as just getting a lot of links. Quality matters over quantity. In fact, in some cases getting a lot of links quickly, without ensuring that they are good ones for your site, can get you penalized algorithmically or manually.

Gaining Links

Gaining good links that are relevant to your own site and that will actually be clicked on by users is the smartest way to conduct link development these days. Creating great content that naturally attracts links is fantastic. However, for various reasons, that’s not always easy for some sites, and that’s where a link building team can help identify a strategy of developing good links as safely and naturally as possible.

A popular method of building new links is by identifying sites that are relevant to your own site and reaching out to the webmasters or site owners in hopes of building a relationship that will lead to links. This process is much more effective if your site has linkable content that other sites feel would be a good fit for their audience.

Thorough Link Analysis

Many times, this discovery period can take longer than any other part of the process. Each site you are considering reaching out to needs to be thoroughly analysed and vetted. Email communication between the two parties can sometimes take weeks, and all that is in hopes of developing one good link.

Link auditing is also a key player whenever you are building links. That practice involves identifying potential link issues in a site’s backlink profile and monitoring it as each new link is developed. A link audit is highly recommended whenever a new link development campaign is begun, as knowing what you already have is vital to knowing how to proceed. The tools used in link auditing are fantastic at starting this process but every link audit should include manual checks to make the determination of whether a link is good for your site or bad for your site.

Link building is a fine art in itself, we only bring in the best time-served link builders based around the world that will already understand your business through past experience or they’ll understand what it is going to take to help the SEO campaign. Every link building task is planned up to 12 months in advance and often does evolve as new opportunities arise.

Link Building FAQs

As with the many SEO FAQs Google's Matt Cutts has answered over the years there are quite a few related to link building. While Google won't guide you on how to link build there are very common questions that continue to be brought up by those new and old to the discipline of SEO. While the following videos will help answer some of those they won't answer them all. Get in touch to discuss link building in more detail and how we can help.