Social Media Marketing & Monitoring Tools

There’s no denying the importance of social media when it comes to delivering your marketing campaigns.

Social media is a completely unavoidable part of digital marketing.

Given the potential power social media gives businesses to reach customers and sell to increasingly accurate customer demographics, it’s vital that you spend some time and resources ensuring that your social media activity is working hard for your business.

Social media marketing and monitoring tools help you isolate the most relevant audience for your products and they help automate interactions and analyse the success of your social media activity, allowing you to assess campaigns and improve future marketing opportunities.

Social media marketing offers you the opportunity to build your brand’s presence, drive targeted traffic to your website and allow you to better understand and connect with your audience.

By delving into social media marketing tools, you can effectively deliver targeted and personalised messages to your audience, that help to drive sales and improve their engagement with your business.

In addition to social media marketing tools, in this extensive range of tools, you will also find social media management tools. Of course, investing in social media marketing tools is important so you can create impressive content for your audience to engage with on your social media channels.

However, this investment will be wasted if you don’t know how to effectively manage and monitor your social media marketing communications. If you’re running any form of social media campaign, social media management tools need to be used to help guarantee success for the project.

Knowing the social platforms your customers use, the content that appeals to them as well as when and how your customers use social media to engage with your brand is crucial to the success of your campaigns.

These management tools give you access to this data and analytics, allowing your business to implement more streamlined and relevant communications to your audience, helping to generate brand loyalty.

Here, in this list of tools, you’ll find a selection of social media marketing and management tools suitable for a wide range of businesses, catering for all different sectors and needs.

  • PromoRepublic
    PromoRepublic is a social media marketing tool which helps freelancers, agencies, business create best social media content. Try it now for free
    Learn more about PromoRepublic
  • Thryv
    Thryv provides software to help local businesses run and grow. CRM, Text and Email Marketing, Social Media, Websites and more. Get Started with Thryv!
    Learn more about Thryv
    Your personal Community Manager - A smarter, simpler, solution to all your community management needs - Analyze, Monitor and Grow your community on your favorite social media channels
    Learn more about
  • Revive Social
    Our goal is to provide easy to digest content that helps you understand various aspects of the social media world, along with the tools you can use to boost your website traffic and exposure on the most popular social media platforms.
    Learn more about Revive Social
    50,000 marketers use software to manage multiple social media accounts. Save time posting on social networks with 15 free social media management tools.
    Learn more about
  • Sysomos
    A unified, insights-driven social platform empowering marketers to search, discover, listen, publish, engage, and analyze across earned, owned, and paid media.
    Learn more about Sysomos
  • AddThis
    AddThis free website tools include share buttons, targeting tools and content recommendations help you get more likes, shares and followers and keep them coming back.
    Learn more about AddThis
  • Rankur
    Advanced tools for monitoring social media, news and the entire web with focus on online reputation management. Software with free trial, white label option - signup now!
    Learn more about Rankur
  • Affinio
    Affinio is an AI-segmentation platform that analyzes all your first party and social consumer data to uncover new segments and reveal undiscovered insights about your existing segments.
    Learn more about Affinio
  • MavSocial
    Affordable and easy-to-use social media management software designed for marketers. Schedule, monitor and report all your social media accounts in one platform.
    Learn more about MavSocial
  • Waaffle
    Aggregate social media posts, measure audience engagement and publish custom content feeds for your campaigns, websites and events.
    Learn more about Waaffle
  • Modern
    All Facebook for Business related. Modern offers a powerful leads dashboard, website widgets, automated bot templates to grow your business and leads.
    Learn more about Modern
  • SocialBee
    All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tools and Services for Content Posting & Recycling,Follower Growth,Engagement and More.Boost your Social Media Engagement!
    Learn more about SocialBee
  • Amplifr
    Amplifr is a social media publication and analytics app that analyses conversion and revenue for each of your social media updates. Learn how many purchases, button clicks, newsletter signups or other goal conversions you had for your social media marketing efforts!
    Learn more about Amplifr
  • AgoraPulse
    An easy social media management tool that works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Start your free trial today!
    Learn more about AgoraPulse
  • Tweepsmap
    Analyze and target your Twitter followers by location and demographics. Build and grow an ideal community. Schedule tweets at best time for your followers
    Learn more about Tweepsmap
  • AppAction
    AppAction - Instagram social media management and analytics, built by former Instagram and Facebook team members.
    Learn more about AppAction
  • Archie
    Archie helps you grow your social media exposure. Get more real followers on autopilot - start with a free trial.
    Learn more about Archie
  • SocialChamp
    Automate multiple social media accounts with Social Champ. This platform is trusted by companies, brands, businesses, digital marketing agencies & influencers to help them drive social media results. Through this app you can manage, schedule & track all your social media accounts easily just by a single tap.
    Learn more about SocialChamp
  • Boosterberg
    Automate your Facebook post boosting. No more manually boosting individual posts - autoboost them. Perfect for digital agencies. Try it out for free today!
    Learn more about Boosterberg
  • Buzzigo Social
    Automate your online local social media marketing with Buzzigo! Deliver relevant local content from your multi-location brand to your fans!
    Learn more about Buzzigo Social
  • Snaplytics
    Automated Snapchat and Instagram Stories analytics and metrics. With scheduled Snapchat and Instagram Stories publishing from your browser.
    Learn more about Snaplytics
  • Socioboard
    Be it marketing(finding leads/customers) on Social media, or listening to customer complaints, replying to them, managing multiple social media accounts from one single dashboard, finding influencers in a particular category and reaching out to them and many more things, Socioboard products can do it.
    Learn more about Socioboard
  • eClincher
    Best social media management tool: social media posting & scheduling, publishing automation with queues & RSS feeds, social inbox, suggested content, monitoring, analytics, agencies, post approval, team members... FREE TRIAL TODAY
    Learn more about eClincher
  • Bottlenose
    Bottlenose makes data analysis easy. Our machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing capabilities enable our clients to…
    Learn more about Bottlenose
  • Rebrandly
    Brand, track and edit the links you share to improve your marketing efforts by up to 39%. Rebrandly is the most complete and reliable management platform for branded links.
    Learn more about Rebrandly
  • Brand24
    Brand24 gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web.
    Learn more about Brand24
  • Brandle
    Brandle is your solution for social media governance & web presence management, providing a system to manage brands, identities & relationships across the web.
    Learn more about Brandle
  • myPresences
    Build the online presence and online reputation of your business and get more customers by being found more in local search with better local SEO. myPresences is a platform to manage your online reviews, ratings, listings, NAP, deals, photos, videos and influencers on 2000+ online services and apps!
    Learn more about myPresences
  • BuzzDeck
    Buzzdeck is a digital analytics platform designed to help you optimise your online marketing campaigns and maximise your ROI.
    Learn more about BuzzDeck
  • Buzzinga
    Buzzinga Provides Social Media Monitoring & Listening Tool for Social Media Analytics Reporting, influencer identification, Social sentiment analysis and Brand sentiment analytics
    Learn more about Buzzinga
  • Candid
    Celebrate your community and inspire browsers to buy through the most versatile user-generated content platform for e-commerce.
    Learn more about Candid
  • MissingLettr
    Clever social campaigns and engagement tools for companies that blog.
    Learn more about MissingLettr
  • Cloud Campaign
    Cloud Campaign is the easiest way for agencies to manage multiple brands at scale. Brand workspaces, robust scheduling, client reports, and more. First month is free.
    Learn more about Cloud Campaign
  • Cloud90
    Cloud90 is a social listening service.We keep our eyes on conversations about your brand and competitors 24/7 alerting you to risks to your brand reputation
    Learn more about Cloud90
  • Colibri IO
    Colibri IO is a set of Growth Hacking Tools that monitors SEO, Inbound Marketing, Social Signals and Content Marketing. All to bring you more opportunities.
    Learn more about Colibri IO
    Collect and showcase social media interaction from your community on 15+ social platforms in a social hub. It only takes a few minutes to create a social wall that you can immediately use for your event, hashtag campaign, website or API project.
    Learn more about
  • Comarch
    Comarch is a global powerhouse specialized in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT services and software.
    Learn more about Comarch
  • SMhack
    Come aboard the simplest social media management software. Monitor, Publish and Analyze all your social media posts from a single location.
    Learn more about SMhack
  • CommandPost
    CommandPost is CMP.LY’s patented Monitoring, Measurement & Insights tool for managed social media communications. Start your demo today!
    Learn more about CommandPost
  • Scoreboard Social
    Competitive social media monitoring reports delivered to you weekly. Measure social media metrics against your competitors, industry leaders and top brands.
    Learn more about Scoreboard Social
    Complete social media marketing tool for online sellers. Connect your E-commerce shop to promote your product listings the most efficient way. Works with Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Storenvy
    Learn more about
  • Digimind
    Comprehensive Social Media Analytics & Competitive Intelligence Tool. Smart software to listen, engage, analyse, and report.
    Learn more about Digimind
  • Good Audience
    Connecting businesses to marketing professionals. Pros handcraft campaigns and run them. Businesses grow their team with remote talent.
    Learn more about Good Audience
  • Frrole
    Consumer intelligence provider trusted by the world's leading brands, agencies, government organizations and technology products. Applies Artificial Intelligence to public social data and provides consumer intelligence and predictive analytics that is not available anywhere else.
    Learn more about Frrole
  • Conversocial
    Conversocial is The Digital Customer Service Platform for Social Messaging - enabling enterprise brands to deliver great customer experiences, while lowering costs by tapping into the power of social messaging as a customer care channel.
    Learn more about Conversocial
  • Coosto
    Coosto, your all-in-one social media management software. ✓ Customer engagement ✓ Social listening ✓ Publishing ✓ Analytics. Schedule a free demo!
    Learn more about Coosto
  • SmartKai
    Create and schedule your social media posts using AI. Add your content to SmartKai and it manages social media for maximum engagement and traffic.
    Learn more about SmartKai
  • Sparkle
    Create social media displays by visualizing social media content and user generated content, beautifully across any digital device.
    Learn more about Sparkle
  • Storify
    Create stories using social media. Turn what people post on social media into compelling stories. Collect the best photos, video, tweets and more to publish them as simple, beautiful stories that can be embedded anywhere.
    Learn more about Storify
  • TwineSocial
    Create, customize, and maintain social media hubs for websites, hashtag campaigns, and more. Aggregate posts from any major social media network.
    Learn more about TwineSocial
  • Hopper HQ
    Create, Plan & Schedule Instagram posts with Hopper HQ. Plan all your posts to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook ahead of time. Hopper HQ is fully automated. Start scheduling your Instagram posts today.
    Learn more about Hopper HQ
  • Big Propeller
    Creators of Gain, the marketing automation platrorm for e-commerce and publishing industries
    Learn more about Big Propeller
  • Crimson Hexagon
    Crimson Hexagon is an AI-powered consumer insights company for brand managers, marketers, executives, and more.
    Learn more about Crimson Hexagon
  • Crisp
    Crisp is the global authority on social media risk. We combine powerful technology with human analysis to deliver 24/7 social media moderation and monitoring
    Learn more about Crisp
  • Crowdbabble
    Crowdbabble is the leader in social media analytics, measurement and reporting tools. We track social media performance across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    Learn more about Crowdbabble
  • HeadTalker
    Crowdspeaking - HeadTalker is a free crowdspeaking platform to take messages viral on social media.
    Learn more about HeadTalker
  • Curalate
    Curalate enables brands to sell more effectively online. The Curalate social commerce platform allows e-commerce brands to connect social content and social audiences to commerce, make any social channel shoppable, leverage user-generated content (UGC), and activate influencers. Learn how you can make social sell.
    Learn more about Curalate
  • CoffeeBean
    Customer Identity to increase revenue, customer retention and customer experience.
    Learn more about CoffeeBean
    Customize how your link will appear on social media, without getting your IT team involved
    Learn more about
  • ShareThis
    Customize, download and install our easy-to-use share buttons and other publishing tools for your website or blog. Grow your audience. Win the internet!
    Learn more about ShareThis
  • Dataminr
    Dataminr's clients are the first to know about critical events and breaking information, enabling them to act faster and stay one step ahead.
    Learn more about Dataminr
  • Zanroo
    Drive business growth with Zanroo. Monitor and capture online conversations about your company, consolidate inbound social media messages and optimize your campaigns with Zanroo.
    Learn more about Zanroo
  • Earshot
    Earshots proprietary scoring system on social media helps brands discover new influencers, acquire more customers, and optimize results for live events.
    Learn more about Earshot
  • Tint
    Easily aggregate your best social media content - from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more - on any website or event display. TINT even provides analytics.
    Learn more about Tint
  • Echosec
    Echosec is a location-based social media geofencing platform that analyzes data in real-time to support retail, journalists, security teams & marketers.
    Learn more about Echosec
  • SocialSignIn
    Effortlessly inspire your customers with meaningful, real-time online conversations when they need you most.
    Learn more about SocialSignIn
  • NUVI
    Engage audiences like never before with world-class social listening & publishing solutions that help brands understand customers and create conversations
    Learn more about NUVI
  • Spredfast
    Enterprise social media management software that makes it easy for marketing & support teams to deliver the best customer experiences on social media.
    Learn more about Spredfast
  • Ollco
    Enterprise Social Networking Software with Great Features. With its 19 modules, ollco help you to create trendy, scalable, robust social media websites.
    Learn more about Ollco
  • Everypost
    Everypost is a Social Media Platform that manages multiple networks simultaneously. Discover how to maximize your business social marketing performance into one only Social Media App.
    Learn more about Everypost
  • Saybubble
    Experience the channels you love like never before! Watch streams and behind the scenes stories with devoted social video creators around the world.
    Learn more about Saybubble
  • SocialEdge
    Explore the only end-to-end influencer software solution. CreatorIQ helps you find, manage, track, and report on all of your influencer marketing campaigns.
    Learn more about SocialEdge
  • FaceDominator
    Facedominator. The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Software made Facebook Advertising easy. Try this Facebook Marketing Tool today and autopilot your campaigns.
    Learn more about FaceDominator
  • Falcon Social
    Falcon is your social media marketing platform built on social analytics, community engagement and governance for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
    Learn more about Falcon Social
    Fanpoint provides applications and helps customers to improve presence and generate valuable leads in Social Media.
    Learn more about FANPOINT
  • Sprout Social
    Form real connections with those who love your brand through the power of Sprout Social. See our social media management software solutions in action. Try it free.
    Learn more about Sprout Social
  • Swizly
    Fusing your social media communication into one destination. Swizly allows you to display aggregated content from the different social networks, populate user generated content using hashtags to enhance the overall brand experience, to add engagement to events, and propagate your message via sharing options.
    Learn more about Swizly
  • TopicPulse
    Futuri Media is a leader in SaaS technology offering end-to-end audience engagement and sales tools for radio broadcasters, TV stations, and publishers.
    Learn more about TopicPulse
  • Gain
    GAIN makes the social publishing and approval workflow easy for agencies, social media managers, and anyone working in teams.
    Learn more about Gain
  • Hypegrowth
    Gain real Twitter following with our growth service and grow real & engaged Twitter audience naturally. No more buying followers from shady services. Get started now!
    Learn more about Hypegrowth
  • Twitter Counter
    Get a clear overview and graph of your Twitter stats. Twitter Counter tracks statistics for over 180 million users.
    Learn more about Twitter Counter
  • Unmetric
    Get AI powered social media intelligence and analytics on more than 100,000 major brands and benchmark them against your own performance. Get a demo today
    Learn more about Unmetric
  • Edgar
    Get more out of social media with Edgar! Schedule, share, and recycle the posts you want, when you want. Save 8 hours a week, get started with just 10 posts.
    Learn more about Edgar
  • SoundCloud Helper
    GET MORE REAL FOLLOWERS with the Soundcloud Helper! Reach your target audience easily with this simple follower and unfollower bot app to help you GROW! >>
    Learn more about SoundCloud Helper
  • Mention
    Get the easy-to-use media monitoring tool that lets you track social mentions, analyze competitors, find influencers, and generate leads.
    Learn more about Mention
  • Repucaution
    Get your clone of Buffer or Hootsuite with us. Open source script for remote scheduled Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin posting. Remote Instagram posting and monitoring.
    Learn more about Repucaution
  • FollowUs
    Get your social media organized.
    Learn more about FollowUs
  • SocialToaster
    Give your super fans super powers! SocialToaster helps you engage your fans and makes sharing your content over their social networks easy.
    Learn more about SocialToaster
  • Synthesio
    Global brands use the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to measure the impact of online conversations against their business goals.
    Learn more about Synthesio
  • Gremlin Social
    Gremlin Social offers organizational tools to help manage social media for banks. Schedule a demo to learn more about our social media compliance software.
    Learn more about Gremlin Social
  • Iconosquare
    Grow your Instagram and Facebook presence with exclusive insights and best-in-class management tools for your team. Start a 14-day free trial.
    Learn more about Iconosquare
  • Growth Champ
    Growth Champ is a service which manages your social media profiles and helps you increase your influence.
    Learn more about Growth Champ
  • Trackur
    Hassle Free Social Media Monitoring Tools
    Learn more about Trackur
  • Hearsay Systems
    Hearsay Social is now Hearsay Systems – Provider of the complete advisor-client engagement platform for financial services.
    Learn more about Hearsay Systems
  • PeakFeed
    Hi, we’re Gregg and Patrick. No massive teams or VC money here, just two marketers and friends who love to build tools, do our best to build them well, and may or may not fist-pump every time a new user signs up.
    Learn more about PeakFeed
  • UnionMetrics
    Improve your social strategy with social marketing intelligence from Union Metrics. Solutions for SMBs, agencies and brand marketers.
    Learn more about UnionMetrics
  • Inclick Track
    Inclick provides Social Media Intelligence to everyone through it's products and services. Get a free trial today!
    Learn more about Inclick Track
  • Clickable
    Industry leading Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Management Software for advertisers and agencies to manage search and social marketing.
    Learn more about Clickable
  • Infegy
    Infegy provides social media intelligence and text analytics solutions that instantly extract deep, actionable intelligence.
    Learn more about Infegy
  • HelloSociety
    Influencer-powered marketing
    Learn more about HelloSociety
  • Reachpod
    Inovaktif Media is a creative digital solution provider for brands and corporations.
    Learn more about Reachpod
  • Jooicer
    Jooicer lets you grow your Twitter audience by using specific modules for each kind of action.
    Learn more about Jooicer
  • Juicer
    Juicer is a simple way to aggregate all of your social media into a beautiful social media feed and embed it on your site.
    Learn more about Juicer
  • Keyhole
    Keyhole is a real-time hashtag tracker for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Its visual dashboard is simple, beautiful and shareable!
    Learn more about Keyhole
  • Kickstagram
    Kicksta Helps Influencers And Marketers Get More Real Followers For Instagram. Use Kicksta To Improve Your Brand Awareness And Turn New Instagram Followers Into More Gigs, Paid Parnterships, And Sales Today.
    Learn more about Kickstagram
  • LeadsBridge
    LeadsBridge is an all-in-one solution for lead generation that easily helps you fills the gaps connecting over 200 CRM or Email Software.
    Learn more about LeadsBridge
  • PageFreezer
    Learn how to archive a Website. Easy-to-use web & social media archiving service for regulatory compliance, eDiscovery and corporate heritage.
    Learn more about PageFreezer
  • Lefty
    Lefty is a content creation platform. We help brands and agencies identify relevant creators and collaborate with them at scale.
    Learn more about Lefty
  • LiveWorld
    LiveWorlds social media services & software allow brands to scale human engagement to improve social customer service and social marketing programs.
    Learn more about LiveWorld
  • Geofeedia
    Location-based Analytics Platform
    Learn more about Geofeedia
  • Loomly
    Loomly is a simple social media calendar tool that helps teams and individuals streamline their content publishing workflow with post ideas, optimization tips, mockups, approval, scheduling & analytics.
    Learn more about Loomly
  • Cool Tabs
    Manage and analize your social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Linkedin with the platform simpler than you've ever seen.
    Learn more about Cool Tabs
  • Socialbakers
    Manage and measure everything from social media to your audiences in one place. Discover your customer personas, what content they like, and influencers they trust with an AI-powered marketing solution.
    Learn more about Socialbakers
  • Soci
    Manage social media marketing campaigns at scale with platform tools from content management to analytics & reporting from SOCi. Schedule a demo today!
    Learn more about Soci
    Manage, plan, and schedule your Instagram posts from your computer and mobile phones. Create a cohesive Instagram feed and manage multiple Instagram accounts.
    Learn more about
  • ManageFlitter
    ManageFlitter - Twitter Management Tool | Work Faster & Smarter
    Learn more about ManageFlitter
  • TweetFavy
    Marketing automation software / Growth Hacking tool designed to grow your social media influence and attract real, targeted and engaged Twitter followers
    Learn more about TweetFavy
  • Metigy
    Marketing doesnt have to be a drag! Metigy is an AI Driven Social Media Marketing Platform that has tools to designed to help with marketing strategies for small business (SMB) through Agency and up to Enterprise!
    Learn more about Metigy
  • Crowdfire
    Millions of Creators - YouTubers, bloggers, artists, sellers, freelancers, small businesses, use Crowdfire to go big online on YouTube, Medium, Etsy, Shopify, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Drive traffic to your creations
    Learn more about Crowdfire
  • Mediatoolkit
    Monitor online mentions of your brand, company and competitors in real-time. Gain deeper insight into your online reputation.
    Learn more about Mediatoolkit
  • myRosys
    myRosys is a social media management platform that enhances social reach & engagement & helps to monitor Social Media Marketing Campaigns in real time.
    Learn more about myRosys
  • Mzinga
    Mzinga supplies Learning Technologies for Employee & Customer LMS, xAPI Tracking & Reporting and robust Learning Content Authoring.
    Learn more about Mzinga
  • NapoleonCat
    NapoleonCat is a social media marketing and analytics platform created to help businesses conquer social media.
    Learn more about NapoleonCat
  • Narrow
    Narrow is a Twitter marketing automation tool that helps you build a targeted following.
    Learn more about Narrow
  • Naytev
    Naytev's Social A/B testing and automation software empowers elite content teams to win on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Improve performance on social.
    Learn more about Naytev
  • NetBase
    NetBase brings you the fastest and most accurate social media analytics platform in the industry.
    Learn more about NetBase
  • NewzSocial
    NewzSocial gives marketers a platform to reach wider audiences in social media using employee advocacy.
    Learn more about NewzSocial
  • Rarog
    Next level advertising - rarog connect your product with right people. Try our hypertargeted twitter campaigns!
    Learn more about Rarog
  • Octane AI
    Octane AI is the Facebook Messenger chatbot platform designed to help Shopify merchants send abandoned cart messages, create custom flows, and increase revenue.
    Learn more about Octane AI
  • Octoly
    Octoly is a gifting platform that connects a community of more than 10,000 influencers with the best Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle brands, creating authentic reviews at scale on Instagram and YouTube.
    Learn more about Octoly
  • Oktopost
    Oktopost's social media management and employee advocacy platform allows enterprise B2B marketing teams to manage, monitor, and measure all of their social media activities.
    Learn more about Oktopost
  • OneAll
    OneAll Social Login is used by more than 250,000 websites worldwide, including small blogs, growing startups and large corporate enterprises.
    Learn more about OneAll
  • oneQube
    OneQube is the leading audience development platform to analyze, optimize and reach custom audiences. Driving brand reach, traffic and conversions.
    Learn more about oneQube
  • Rignite
    Our social media marketing solution makes it easy to post, schedule, collaborate, respond, and track social activity – all in one place.
    Learn more about Rignite
  • Brandwatch
    Our technology helps the world’s biggest brands listen to their customers and understand consumer trends.
    Learn more about Brandwatch
  • Pagelanes
    Pagelanes is a social media management tool made for team-based collaboration.
    Learn more about Pagelanes
  • Schedugram
    Plan and schedule your Instagram content to reclaim your weekends. Use our photo editor, calendar and Instagram scheduler to reduce your Instagram headaches.
    Learn more about Schedugram
  • Smintly
    Posts updates to social networks remotely and track mentions in social networks. All for free!
    Learn more about Smintly
  • Engagor
    Powerful social customer service software with social listening and analytics capabilities used by global brands to efficiently engage with customers.
    Learn more about Engagor
  • Combin
    Promote your Instagram account, grow real community, create buzz under your posts easily with Combin.
    Learn more about Combin
  • Publing
    Publing is a social media marketing tool collects posts from most popular social media platforms and displays posts across pre-designed screens.
    Learn more about Publing
  • Pulsar
    Pulsar is an advanced social listening platform that has transformed how brands and agencies can really understand their audience for better marketing.
    Learn more about Pulsar
    Put your social media on autopilot. Automatically schedule and post blogs, photos, RSS, news and videos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.
    Learn more about
  • Quintly
    quintly is the social media analytics and benchmarking tool for professionals. Track and measure Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
    Learn more about Quintly
  • Quuu
    Quuu is the home of quality content curation making it easy to fill your social media calendar every day. Schedule Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts using the Quuu social media scheduler.
    Learn more about Quuu
  • CrewFire
    Reward your fans & customers for sharing your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Try it for $1.
    Learn more about CrewFire
  • Stencil
    Ridiculously simple image creation for social media marketers, bloggers and small businesses.
    Learn more about Stencil
  • Later
    Save Time by Scheduling Your Instagram Posts Ahead of Time. Manage Multiple Accounts, Schedule Video, Reposting, Analytics & Uploading Tools. 100% Free Plan
    Learn more about Later
  • Tailwind
    Save time scheduling to Pinterest and Instagram, post at the best times for engagement, grow together with Tribes, get more actionable analytics. Start free!
    Learn more about Tailwind
  • ThinkUp
    Save when you shop online with ThinkUp! Over 500k coupons for US based stores and international online retailers.
    Learn more about ThinkUp
  • Thunderclap
    Say it together and be heard. The first crowdspeaking platform for amplifying messages that matter.
    Learn more about Thunderclap
  • Postcron
    Schedule your posts on Twitter, Facebook fan pages and groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest with Postcron
    Learn more about Postcron
  • SeekMetrics
    Seekmetrics makes it easy to get free historical data from any profile in seconds. Access all the content, measure interactions, get follower history and more.
    Learn more about SeekMetrics
  • Soldsie
    Sell on Facebook and Instagram with Soldsie.
    Learn more about Soldsie
  • Send Social Media
    Send Social Media is a social media dashboard designed to help businesses in enhancing their social media presence on multiple social networks all at once.
    Learn more about Send Social Media
  • Sendible
    Sendible is a social media management tool that helps agencies and companies boost their productivity on social media. Try it for free.
    Learn more about Sendible
    Show your audiences social media updates and photos in a beautiful real-time display for your event or campaign from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
    Learn more about
  • SocialWally
    Show your business or organization’s social media posts on a screen! Social Wall | TweetWall | Twitter Wall | Facebook Wall | Social Media Center in one!
    Learn more about SocialWally
  • Simplify360
    Simplify360's Social CRM helps understand what your customers are talking about you and engage with them as and where they prefer.
    Learn more about Simplify360
  • SocialQuant
    Small business web hosting offering additional business services such as: domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, FrontPage help, online community resources and various small business solutions.
    Learn more about SocialQuant
  • BuzzBundle
    Smart Social Media Management Software that really saves your time Manage conversations in Facebook, Twitter, forums and more
    Learn more about BuzzBundle
  • SmarterQueue
    SmarterQueue saves you hours when scheduling your social updates, and makes sure your posts get noticed, helping you grow your business the easy way.
    Learn more about SmarterQueue
  • Sniply
    Sniply is the future of content marketing!
    Learn more about Sniply
  • SocialAnimal
    Social Animal is a Content Marketing Tool to find Trending content, Influencers & Generate ideas. Helps Create strategies for Content & Social Media Marketing.
    Learn more about SocialAnimal
  • Locowise
    Social media client reporting made as easy as it could possibly be. And beautiful too. Get professional grade editable social media reports delivered instantly with the analytics from all the main networks and platforms in one place.
    Learn more about Locowise
  • Germin8
    Social media intelligence platform to listen, engage AND act | Ask for free demo today.
    Learn more about Germin8
  • Ladderr
    Social media management tool to manage your audience, monitor in real-time, schedule contents, manage engagement and get insights
    Learn more about Ladderr
  • BoomSonar
    Social Media Monitoring Tool and Social Media Business Platform BoomSonar helps you to monitor, measure, analyze, publish and take action on social media and
    Learn more about BoomSonar
  • Buzzmonitor
    social media monitoring, social analytics, social crm, customer care 2.0, social ads, social media influencers and social news.
    Learn more about Buzzmonitor
  • Tweet Eye
    Social Media Scheduling For Online Sellers. Schedule content from your website and selling platforms to multiple social media accounts.
    Learn more about Tweet Eye
  • Spokal
    Social Media scheduling that learns your audiences preferences, and delivers content they want to drive more leads to your site.
    Learn more about Spokal
  • Sociallybuzz
    Social Media Services and Management
    Learn more about Sociallybuzz
  • SocialNative
    Social Native is bringing creative User Generated Content (UGC) to the forefront of digital marketing, increasing advertising performance, social engagement, and ROI.
    Learn more about SocialNative
  • SocialStatus
    Social Status is a social media analytics tool for competitor analysis, social media benchmarks, setting KPIs, social ROI and automated social media reports
    Learn more about SocialStatus
  • Repuso
    Social testimonials & reviews on your own website as social proof. Increase your website's conversion with Repuso.
    Learn more about Repuso
  • Delmondo
    Social video analytics & audience insights software for leading brands, publishers, media companies and sports organizations to measure and monetize content. Offical Facebook Partner.
    Learn more about Delmondo
  • Dialogfeed
    Social Wall for Website, Event & TV. Aggregate Instagram, Twitter & Hashtag Posts. Use our API to Display Live Social Media Feeds on Social Media Hub.
    Learn more about Dialogfeed
  • Social.iQ
    Social.iQ offers franchises and brands with multiple locations to have all their locations, customers, and social activity in one place.
    Learn more about Social.iQ
  • SocialBrands
    SocialBrands is the easiest way to build social promotions, to engage, reach and increase your online & offline audiences and turn them into leads.
    Learn more about SocialBrands
  • SocialMotus
    SocialMotus is a social media management software, social marketing and monitoring tool for Facebook & Twitter. Get new customers & grow business via social marketing. Free signup today!
    Learn more about SocialMotus
  • SocialPilot
    SocialPilot - Social media marketing tool to increase brand awareness & traffic. We have tailored social media scheduling automation for marketers.
    Learn more about SocialPilot
  • SocialRank
    SocialRank helps you find your best followers, most valuable followers, and most engaged followers on Twitter
    Learn more about SocialRank
  • SocialVolt
    SocialVolt is a social media management platform for the enterprise. Publish, moderate, listen and report across social networks, accounts and brands. Maintain control, manage risk and prove compliance. See a Demo today.
    Learn more about SocialVolt
  • Sociamonials
    Sociamonials is a tool that helps businesses achieve higher ROI with social media marketing. We offer the best social media campaigns. Try us free for 14 days.
    Learn more about Sociamonials
  • OrangeTwig
    Socioh is a social media marketing platform for e-commerce stores. Boost Retargeting ROI by 30% and optimize organic traffic. Free trial for Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Etsy, WooCommerce & Ecwid.
    Learn more about OrangeTwig
  • Sociota
    Sociota is a social media management, monitoring, scheduling and analysis tool that helps you manage your Facebook and Twitter campaigns in an efficient and productive manner.
    Learn more about Sociota
  • SoClever
    SoClever provides customer identity data tools and Social Login systems so businesses know their customers and leverage data. Socleversocial is analytics
    Learn more about SoClever
  • Sotrender
    Sotrender delivers the best solutions for marketing in social media analytics. Metrics, optimization, competitor comparison, and custom recommendations for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
    Learn more about Sotrender
  • Stacker
    Stacker is the easiest way to manage multiple Social Media accounts at once. Post at the best times throughout the day, Reply to your fans from a single Inbox, Analyze detailed statistics on your fanbase and lots more.
    Learn more about Stacker
  • Stackla
    Stackla is the world’s smartest visual content engine, helping modern marketers discover, manage and display the best content across all their marketing touchpoints with our AI-powered user-generated content (UGC) platform and asset manager.
    Learn more about Stackla
  • storycafe
    Story Cafe caters to social media influencers.
    Learn more about storycafe
  • StoryBox
    StoryBox helps companies make their Instagram shoppable. Our technology makes it simple to find your best customer photos on Instagram, get permission to use these photos, and make them shoppable throughout your website and beyond.
    Learn more about StoryBox
  • Swift Social
    Swift Social is about making social media simple. We develop one the best social media management experiences to help clear the fog of social.
    Learn more about Swift Social
  • Tagboard
    Tagboard - your trusted social media display partner.
    Learn more about Tagboard
  • Talkwalker
    Talkwalker is an incredibly powerful social media analytics tool & social media monitoring tool recommended by brands and agencies worldwide.
    Learn more about Talkwalker
  • TS Platform
    TargetingS is automated platform for social content aggregation, management and optimization
    Learn more about TS Platform
  • Tiempy
    The best tool to schedule your content to the social networks. Easy, Fast, and Unlimited.
    Learn more about Tiempy
    The Enterprise & Agency Solution for Content Planning, Community Management and Social Customer Service.
    Learn more about
  • ArchiveSocial
    The leader in social media archiving for government, law enforcement, and education.
    Learn more about ArchiveSocial
  • Komfo
    The most valuable and complete social media relationship software. Komfo empowers brands to own the social experience by streamlining conversations at every touchpoint, for every customer, from one unified world-class software solution.
    Learn more about Komfo
  • Sentiment
    The Sentiment platform includes social media, messaging, livechat and email all in one unified inbox for customer service teams. Try it now.
    Learn more about Sentiment
  • Grum
    The simplest way to upload photos from MAC/PC · Big time saver
    Learn more about Grum
  • Sqwarkr
    The smart way to post content to your social media accounts.
    Learn more about Sqwarkr
  • Mass Planner
    The ultimate app to schedule your Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter and Google+ posts and automate your social media !
    Learn more about Mass Planner
  • Tracx
    Tracx is the only social media management and marketing software that can pull and parse data across forums, review sites, blogs and social media networks.
    Learn more about Tracx
  • Reach7
    Translate social media posts and localize your social media channels with custom photos, hashtags and links. Translate media and share in 89+ languages.
    Learn more about Reach7
  • TrendSpottr
    TrendSpottr: Predictive trend intelligence for brands, marketers & PR pros. Discover emerging trends, viral content & key influencers for any topic
    Learn more about TrendSpottr
  • TweetBinder
    Tweet Binder, Hashtag tracking tools for Twitter and Instagram with statistics reports and infographics in real time easy to share.
    Learn more about TweetBinder
  • Tweet Full
    TweetFull is a Twitter automation bot that helps your marketing to get targeted traffic by auto liking, auto ReTweeting and auto Following Twitter users.
    Learn more about Tweet Full
  • Twilert
    Twilert is a Twitter search tool that sends you email alerts of tweets containing your brand, product, service... well any keyword you like really!
    Learn more about Twilert
  • NewsWhip
    Understand what social media content resonates with audiences. Centralize your social media monitoring and analytics to discover whats driving engagement.
    Learn more about NewsWhip
  • Unified
    Unified delivers software & services to connect marketing data sets and optimize investments. Find out more about our marketing platform and services here.
    Learn more about Unified
  • SocialHub
    Up your Social Media Management game today! Create and schedule Facebook Posts and Ads in one simple and fun to use interface.
    Learn more about SocialHub
  • Nouncy
    Use the power of the people around you to amplify your message.
    Learn more about Nouncy
  • DM Pilot
    Using DM Pilot, you can send automated DMs on Twitter to your new followers, people who like or retweet your tweets and more...
    Learn more about DM Pilot
  • Vaizle
    Vaizle is a social media analytics tool that makes social media analytics simple for marketers with actionable insights.
    Learn more about Vaizle
  • ViralMint
    ViralMint is an on-site marketing platform which helps you acquire new fans, increase sales, improve conversion and boost engagement!
    Learn more about ViralMint
  • Viraltag
    Viraltag is the best social media marketing tool for sharing visuals across Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & more, used by over 50,000 businesses. Start for free.
    Learn more about Viraltag
  • Viralwoot
    ViralWoot is the best Pinterest promotion, scheduler, management and analytics tool used and loved by 1,25,000 individuals and businesses.
    Learn more about Viralwoot
  • Warbble
    Warbble is your always on digital assistant. Manage your social the way it should be. Fast, intuitive and eas
    Learn more about Warbble
  • Wayin
    Wayin enables the world’s biggest brands and publishers to deliver authentic, interactive marketing campaign experiences across all digital channels.
    Learn more about Wayin
  • Linkfluence
    We are proud to provide innovative social data intelligence solutions that position brands and agencies ahead of the market.
    Learn more about Linkfluence
  • WeLink
    WeLink - Digital Risk Management Platform for Enterprise
    Learn more about WeLink
  • Notify
    Whenever your Startup gets mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Blogs, Forums, News, Reddit, Medium, Hacker News and Product Hunt. Get Notified on Slack or HipChat.
    Learn more about Notify
  • 4C
    Win the battle for consumer attention with our data science and marketing technology. See how 4C helps you make multi-screen magic.
    Learn more about 4C
  • Worphy
    Worphy is a social marketing platform with over 20 social apps plus social media management targeting at Facebook,Twitter based marketing.
    Learn more about Worphy
  • Yala
    Yala - design and schedule all your social media.
    Learn more about Yala
  • Netvibes
    Your Personal Dashboard: See everything that’s happening: News, social media, favorite websites all in one Dashboard
    Learn more about Netvibes
  • Zuum
    Zuum turns social media data into intelligence. It shows marketers what type of content will maximize impact with their social media fans and followers, generating a higher return on their social media properties.
    Learn more about Zuum

The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

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