Loyalty Platform Providers

This cost-effective approach to marketing might have been around for some time, but customer loyalty and advocate marketing is continuing to develop and improve with the help of new technologies.

Advocacy, loyalty, and referrals tools offer cost-effective marketing opportunities that focus on securing current customers and using their connections to grow your business.

If you need to be convinced by the value of return customers, consider that return customers spend, on average, 67% more than first-time customers.

Brand advocacy is a similarly powerful tool as one customer who passionately advocates for your brand can turn into 2, 10, or 100 customers further down the line. Advocacy, loyalty, and referrals have always been powerful marketing devices, and that’s not going to change anytime soon!

Return customers are much more likely to spend more than first-time buyers (spending an average of 67% more!), proving customer loyalty and advocate marketing remain important.

If you’re looking to boost customer acquisitions, conversions, average order value or repeat purchases, customer loyalty and advocate marketing need to be the two main strategies used within your campaign.

Knowing who your current and potential repeat customers are, and identifying advocates and using their already established networks is crucial to successfully building brand awareness and reputation.

However, within this, you also need to actually harness the power of these people to see success in your campaigns. Thankfully, with the wide range of tools available here, this is possible.

You’ll find everything you need within this extensive list to understand and leverage the power of customer loyalty, referrals and advocacy marketing.

Learning how to use the analytics generated by these tools to your advantage, you’ll be able to keep your customers informed and engaged, encouraging them to make repeat purchases, submit reviews or refer family and friends.

Having the right tools in place will allow you to tap into the power of customer loyalty, advocacy and referrals.

Loyalty, advocacy and referrals tools help to eliminate the struggle that comes with trying to connect and engage customers and prospects, helping you to build strong, loyal relationships with your audience and ultimately leading to increased sales.

  • Ambassador
    Ambassador is the world-leading referral marketing software, running today’s most popular referral programs.
    Learn more about Ambassador
  • Loopy Loyalty
    Create and manage digital stamp cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. No tech knowledge or app development required.
    Learn more about Loopy Loyalty
  • Bunchball
    A pioneer and early market innovator, Bunchball takes gamification to a whole new level with our leading digital engagement platform. Blending enterprise-scale technology with market-leading expertise, our corporate gamification tools deliver unmatched business value and fuel measurable business results.
    Learn more about Bunchball
  • Advocately
    Advocately is an intuitive platform for managing and mobilising your happiest customers.
    Learn more about Advocately
  • Ambassify
    Ambassify helps you harness the power of positive word-of-mouth. Identify and unite your most valuable advocates and turn them into your social sales force.
    Learn more about Ambassify
  • Amplifinity
    Amplifinity referral software automates the referral tracking and management of B2B customer and partner referral programs.
    Learn more about Amplifinity
  • Antavo
    Antavo is a loyalty management platform for fashion and retail to run gamified loyalty programs online, on mobile and in-store.
    Learn more about Antavo
  • Apex Loyalty
    Apex Loyalty is the ultimate B2B loyalty marketing & incentive automation platform built on Salesforce.com. A Partner Relationship Management software
    Learn more about Apex Loyalty
  • MioDatos
    At MioDatos, we make life as a digital marketer easy, fun and effective. Experience how weve mastered the art of inbound marketing and revolutionized the way brands interact with their customers online.
    Learn more about MioDatos
  • Bambu
    Bambu is an employee advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social networks.
    Learn more about Bambu
  • Smile.io
    Beautiful reward programs for online businesses.
    Learn more about Smile.io
  • Binkt
    Binkt offers Social Media Management services. Well create targeted fresh daily content to engage your audience, illustrate your brand values and create leads.
    Learn more about Binkt
  • Loylap
    Boost your customer revenue and experience with LoyLap cashless payments. LoyLap offers a complete toolkit to delight you customers with Gift Cards, Loyalty, Click & Collect, Self service checkout. Schedule a consultation with us and start your free 30-day trial today!
    Learn more about Loylap
  • brandbuddee
    Brandbuddee Influencer Marketing Services
    Learn more about brandbuddee
  • Brierley and Partners
    Brierley+Partners is a customer loyalty marketing solutions agency. We make our clients' customer relationships more profitable with loyalty, strategy, retention, and technology.
    Learn more about Brierley and Partners
  • Campaigned
    Campaigned is a SaaS application helping companies run great promotions and referral programs to drive recommendations and sales through word-of-mouth.
    Learn more about Campaigned
  • Citygro
    CityGro offers customer retention marketing software that helps businesses bring customers back through a suite of customer retention tools.
    Learn more about Citygro
  • ClarusCommerce
    Clarus Commerce specializes in the design, development, and implementation of fully customized premium loyalty programs. Our mission is to help you create a premium loyalty program so valuable your customers are willing to pay for it.
    Learn more about ClarusCommerce
  • Loyalty Gator
    Cloud Loyalty Program Software and Customer Retention Solutions for Your Business. Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards Help Maximize Customer Retention.
    Learn more about Loyalty Gator
  • Flok
    Connect with your customers. A platform for local businesses that boosts customer loyalty and engagement through rewards and personalized communication.
    Learn more about Flok
  • S Loyalty
    Create a beautifully branded loyalty program, designed just for Shopify and BigCommerce. Try it free for 14 days. Easily install it on your store today.
    Learn more about S Loyalty
  • CustomerAdvocacy.com
    Create customers that create more customers – grow your business through word of mouth marketing with our advanced Advocate Marketing platform
    Learn more about CustomerAdvocacy.com
  • Referral Saasquatch
    Create, manage, and optimize your mobile app and web based referral programs using our all in one software platform. Reward both referrers and their friends with credits, discounts, gift cards and cash. Get growing with customer referral marketing today.
    Learn more about Referral Saasquatch
  • Crowdskout
    Crowdskout is the CRM software for campaigns, nonprofits, and advocacy groups. Manage volunteer operations, activate supporters, and maximize impact.
    Learn more about Crowdskout
  • Online Rewards
    Custom programs for Employee Recognition, Channel Incentives, Sales Incentives, Customer Loyalty and more.
    Learn more about Online Rewards
  • Friendbuy
    Customer referral program software and email opt ins for ecommerce. We make customer acquisition software for savvy marketers!
    Learn more about Friendbuy
  • Perkville
    Customer rewards and loyalty solution for small and medium sized businesses.
    Learn more about Perkville
  • Repeat Returns
    Data-driven loyalty marketing for franchise, multi-unit and high-volume independent restaurants, pizzerias & retail. See case studies…
    Learn more about Repeat Returns
  • Oappso Loyalty
    Digital Loyalty Stamp Cards | Create loyalty cards. Custom digital loyalty stamp cards customers download to their Phone Wallet App.
    Learn more about Oappso Loyalty
  • Dynamic Signal
    Dynamic Signal is an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform, trusted by organizations to connect, align and engage employees.
    Learn more about Dynamic Signal
  • Engage:Value
    Engage:Value is the easy way to generate repeat business and add to your bottom-line with our gift and loyalty solution. All for about $1 a day.
    Learn more about Engage:Value
  • Smarp
    Enter the modern world of employee communication! Smarp helps employees to share knowledge with their colleagues and external social media networks.
    Learn more about Smarp
  • EveryoneSocial
    EveryoneSocial is a employee advocacy and social selling platform that is designed to help your employees become powerful marketers, sellers, & recruiters.
    Learn more about EveryoneSocial
  • Loyax Loyalty Platform
    Everything You Need to Build a Successful Loyalty Program and Grow Your Business
    Learn more about Loyax Loyalty Platform
  • Kobe
    Experience loyalty marketing with Kobie Marketing. We are the industry leaders in customer reward programs and loyalty marketing solutions.
    Learn more about Kobe
  • Salsa Engage
    Explore Salsa's Powerful Nonprofit Software for Donor Management, Nonprofit Marketing, Online Fundraising, and Online Advocacy. Fully integrated Salsa CRM constituent relationship management database and Salsa Engage online supporter engagement platform for unified online and offline fundraising!
    Learn more about Salsa Engage
  • Extole
    Extole is the industry-leader in referral marketing and helps brands create, manage, and optimize refer-a-friend programs to increase customer acquisition.
    Learn more about Extole
  • SocialHP
    Facebook Team Management Software.
    Learn more about SocialHP
  • Fielo
    Fielo Incentive Automation
    Learn more about Fielo
  • FiveStars
    Fivestars is an all-in-one marketing platform that combines easy-to-use technology, customizable rewards and promotions, and automation. Reach new customers via SMS, email, and our mobile app and get them coming back—it’s marketing made easy so local businesses can compete against big box stores!
    Learn more about FiveStars
  • Flocktory
    Flocktory Enterprise SaaS platform is the leading platform for managing your websites customer lifetime value and increasing your customer loyalty.
    Learn more about Flocktory
  • Gapple AMP
    GaggleAMP is an employee advocacy solution that helps companies amplify reach and marketing efforts by tapping into the passion of employees and stakeholders.
    Learn more about Gapple AMP
  • Spring
    Get cash back when you visit any of the places in the Spring Network. Just connect, swipe and save.
    Learn more about Spring
  • Social Annex Advocate Marketing
    Get more from your customers with a complete platform of Customer Loyalty Programs, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions.
    Learn more about Social Annex Advocate Marketing
  • Givex
    Givex provides the restaurant, retail, and QSR industries with cutting-edge pos (epos) solutions, management systems, gift cards, loyalty programs, analytics, and tableside ordering. Better engage your customers and streamline operations.
    Learn more about Givex
  • Hello Referrals
    Hello Referrals is easy to use software to track referrals within your referral group.
    Learn more about Hello Referrals
  • Genius Referrals
    Increase your customer acquisition and sales with ours refer a friend programs. Take advantage of our low-cost plans. Best price in the market!
    Learn more about Genius Referrals
  • Influitive
    Influitive helps companies increase customer lifetime value and accelerate sales with the power of their own customer advocates. Inspire your customers to stay longer, share their experiences, and attract new business.
    Learn more about Influitive
  • Loyaltylion
    Innovative customer loyalty and engagement software for fast growth ecommerce merchants
    Learn more about Loyaltylion
  • Invite Referrals
    Invitereferrals is the best refer a friend software for mobile app and website. Growth hack to increase referral sales, referral registrations and app installs through mobile App referrals. Best referral marketing software
    Learn more about Invite Referrals
  • Kangaroo Rewards
    Kangaroo is a loyalty and marketing platform to help you engage and retain customers. It's the easiest and most affordable way to grow your business.
    Learn more about Kangaroo Rewards
  • Augeo
    Looking for a nationally recognized leader in engagement, loyalty and incentive solutions? Learn more about Augeo Marketing today!
    Learn more about Augeo
  • Open Loyalty
    Loyalty & Gamification Platform with ready-to-use features, available in Open Source or Cloud Edition.
    Learn more about Open Loyalty
  • Walmoo
    Loyalty as a Service. Simple to use customer loyalty solution for small & medium business. Launch your customer loyalty program in 1h. NFC / QR technology
    Learn more about Walmoo
  • LoyaltyPlant
    LoyaltyPlant provides restaurants with loyalty card apps, food ordering apps, delivery apps integrated with POS and CRM-systems for in-depth analytics and automated marketing. The restaurant app developer delivers ready-made solutions worldwide. Get your own restaurant app now! Call 24/7
    Learn more about LoyaltyPlant
  • Loyalty Works
    Loyaltyworks, Inc. provides customer loyalty programs, sales incentive plans and more, all designed to maximize performance and business growth.
    Learn more about Loyalty Works
  • LoyLogic
    Loylogic is the world’s leading innovator and creator of points experiences, insights, commerce and engagement. By tantalizing members with more choices and arming programs with insights on behavior – anticipating both present and future needs – we deliver powerful solutions that amplify engagement and build loyalty.
    Learn more about LoyLogic
  • IM Loyalty
    Nemt at sætte op. Hurtigt at opnå resultater Moderne modulopbygget cloud service IM Loyalty er en standardiseret cloud service, som er nem at integrere op im
    Learn more about IM Loyalty
  • DataCandy
    North American businesses big and small rely on their DataCandy loyalty and gift card programs to retain and attract customers. Details on our website.
    Learn more about DataCandy
  • Omnistar Tell
    Omnistar Tell is powerful, customizable, and surprisingly affordable referral marketing software. Try it free for 15-days!
    Learn more about Omnistar Tell
  • One Click Politics
    One Click Politics provides non-partisan tools for easy online advocacy. Connect your supporters to their elected officials on your own website.
    Learn more about One Click Politics
  • Referral Rock
    Our software helps all businesses (not just ecommerce) build and automate their referral marketing campaigns.
    Learn more about Referral Rock
  • Paytronix
    Paytronix provides loyalty programs and customer engagement solutions for restaurants, retail chains, and convenience stores. Create customer loyalty and increase sales for your business with our reward programs and marketing solutions. Get started and feel the power of the Paytronix loyalty platform.
    Learn more about Paytronix
  • Marera
    Place your customer segmentation in the spotlight and identify the right rewards for the respective audience.
    Learn more about Marera
  • PostBeyond
    PostBeyond enables and simplifies employee advocacy and social selling. All social content is in one easy to navigate location. PostBeyonds robust analytics help you measure the impact of employee advocacy on your business.
    Learn more about PostBeyond
  • Queue
    Powerful Viral Advocacy to Grow Fans and Leads Rapidly
    Learn more about Queue
  • Promoto
    Promoto is a B2B SaaS Product Software for Advocacy and Influencer Marketing Management.
    Learn more about Promoto
  • Bluestar Loyalty
    Providing customer loyalty and rewards program software to help small businesses, retail shops, restaurants, and hotels build loyalty with their best customers.
    Learn more about Bluestar Loyalty
  • Registria
    Redefining product registration with solutions that enable brands to develop meaningful, lasting relationships with the people who buy them.
    Learn more about Registria
  • Invitebox
    Referral program platform with refer a friend widget. Reach new customers today with a social refferal program. InviteBox is a flexible referral marketing solution that brings you new customers at no cost.
    Learn more about Invitebox
  • iRefer
    Referral software to help you get more customers. Quickly & easily integrate a referral program into your SaaS application or subscription website.
    Learn more about iRefer
  • Referral Candy
    ReferralCandy powers referral marketing programs for online stores of all shapes and sizes. Start your free trial today!
    Learn more about Referral Candy
  • ReveMarketing
    Reve Marketing helps marketers deliver more engaging brand experiences with customizable marketing technology solutions
    Learn more about ReveMarketing
  • Roialty
    Roialty is a digital loyalty marketing solution, chosen by international brands to turn anonymous data with no value into lifetime-loyal customers.
    Learn more about Roialty
  • Loyalzoo
    Run your own digital loyalty card and keep customers coming back, just like the big brands. Ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, vaping bars...
    Learn more about Loyalzoo
  • SailPlay
    SailPlay is a B2C marketing automation platform. Launch a marketing campaign, loyalty program, Email or SMS marketing. Gamification tools. Increase sales in online of offline stores. Website integration, POS integration, Mobile app integration.
    Learn more about SailPlay
  • Scrummy Club
    Scrummy Club is the all-in-one loyalty & rewards club that your customers will love you for. Give your customers the rewards experience they deserve.
    Learn more about Scrummy Club
  • Loystar
    Sell & increase repeat sales in your retail business. Loystar provides the best-in-class point of sale and loyalty technology to connect with customers, engage them and build customer loyalty.
    Learn more about Loystar
  • Rybbon
    Send digital gifts by email. Amazon, Starbucks, international Visa & more. Works with Marketo, HubSpot, SurveyMonkey & Qualtrics.
    Learn more about Rybbon
  • SmartLoyalty
    SmartLoyalty AG - Producer of modular customer loyalty card systems for customer loyalty consists of customer cards, multi functional devices and software.
    Learn more about SmartLoyalty
  • Social Annex
    Social Annex gives brands the power to acquire, convert and retain customers with acomplete Customer Loyalty and Social Commerce solution.
    Learn more about Social Annex
  • Social&Loyal
    Social&Loyal is a gamified loyalty platform that engages and activates a brands audience wherever the brand is. Boosting Customer Attraction, Customer Retention, Engagement and Insights.
    Learn more about Social&Loyal
  • SocioAdvocacy
    SocioAdvocacy's employee advocacy tool empowers employees to become your brand advocates. ✓Increase brand visibility ✓Boost Sales ✓ Free Trial
    Learn more about SocioAdvocacy
  • socxo
    SOCXO, an employee advocacy platform that accelerates your organic reach, builds brand awareness and engages employees to amplify your social media reach.
    Learn more about socxo
  • Sohalo
    SoHalo is a powerful, engagement marketing platform to acquire, engage and convert customers by motivating, measuring, and rewarding digital actions.
    Learn more about Sohalo
  • Spread for customer
    Spread offers over 35 marketing operations on social networks : Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn ... Let your social media strategy to a specialist.
    Learn more about Spread for customer
  • Square
    Square helps millions of sellers run their business- from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions. Get paid faster with Square and sign up today!
    Learn more about Square
  • Incentivebank
    Staff reward and customer loyalty solutions
    Learn more about Incentivebank
  • Stamp Me
    Stamp Me Loyalty Card App is part of the loyalty marketing solution from Stamp Media. Specialising in loyalty cards, loyalty apps and loyalty programs.
    Learn more about Stamp Me
  • Talkable
    Talkable enables e-commerce companies to easily launch referral marketing programs
    Learn more about Talkable
  • Thanx
    Thanx is an automated customer engagement for offline, multi-location businesses. Thanx helps you engage & retain your best customers and increase revenue.
    Learn more about Thanx
  • RAP Index
    The #1 Micro-targeting technology for creating, managing and expanding effective Key Contact Programs for State and Federal Advocacy. Winning matters.
    Learn more about RAP Index
  • Loyaltybox
    The best customer loyalty programs are those that allow retailers to gather and use customer purchasing data to attract, retain and grow their customers.
    Learn more about Loyaltybox
  • LoyaltyMatch
    The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand platform makes loyalty programs more exciting, rewarding and fun by enabling game and loyalty mechanics for clubs, live venues and entertainment venues and your consumers.
    Learn more about LoyaltyMatch
  • BoostCom
    The most powerful data management- and loyalty platform built for the needs of shopping centers.
    Learn more about BoostCom
  • Social Chorus
    Top employee communication app and social media software from SocialChorus help keep enterprise employees engaged and aligned!
    Learn more about Social Chorus
  • ReferralMagic
    Turn your users and customers into referral magnets. The easiest to integrate referral tracking software for your website.
    Learn more about ReferralMagic
  • Incentivit
    Unleash the power of word-of-mouth and engage your customers using Incentivit referral marketing software. Get the best ROI and start your free trial today!
    Learn more about Incentivit
  • Forewards
    Use Forewards referral marketing software to build an effective customer referral program for your online store and harness the power of word of mouth marketing
    Learn more about Forewards
  • CoffeeSender
    Use Sendoso to source, send, and centralize direct mail, swag, and gifts; all from one platform. Sendoso sources, warehouses, and manages your company swag, customer gifts, dimensional mailers, eGifts, printed collateral, etc
    Learn more about CoffeeSender
  • Vauchar
    Vauchar allows the organisations and developers to easily integrate and use vouchers discounts and offers service without much complexity. Our ready to play plugins allows this by writing just few lines of code and get started in minutes.
    Learn more about Vauchar
  • Viral Loops
    Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing platform to launch ranking competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch and referral programs.
    Learn more about Viral Loops
  • WaveToGet
    Wavetoget is an Exclusive Loyalty Program Which Helps Businesses Get New Customers and Keep Existing Ones Happy.
    Learn more about WaveToGet
  • Gleantap
    We are a customer engagement platform that helps businesses drive growth. Boost loyalty by engaging customers through text message marketing & mobile push notification.
    Learn more about Gleantap
  • Connexions Loyalty
    We build loyalty every day by giving our clients the power to connect with their customers. At Connexions Loyalty, our experience, people and solutions give us a holistic view of every customer and the ability to customize experiences on a global scale.
    Learn more about Connexions Loyalty
  • Bond Brand Loyalty
    We design, build & operate customer loyalty solutions that build brand loyalty. Learn more about Bond Brand Loyalty.
    Learn more about Bond Brand Loyalty
  • Chirpify
    We enable brands to listen, respond, and reward consumers with marketing automation over social media and messaging channels.
    Learn more about Chirpify
  • SociaLook
    Welcome to our Employee Advocacy Platform. Use SociaLook to turn your employees into social brand advocates.
    Learn more about SociaLook
  • QR Loyalty Cards
    Whisqr is the easiest way to get a highly customized Loyalty Program for your business or brand. Whisqr's Loyalty Program provides your business with the option to reward a wider range of options than any competing program, uses your businesses branding, and provide your customers with the option of using paper, plastic or mobile punch cards.
    Learn more about QR Loyalty Cards
  • Slyce
    With more than 200 million mobile coupons activated in the last two years, we’ve helped spark a mobile coupon revolution. The top retailers of the country, representing more than 45,000 locations, turn to us to scale, measure, and mobilize their coupon campaigns.
    Learn more about Slyce
  • Buyopowo
    Your customers have friends. Let’s make them customers too. Our refer-a-friend platform is simple to integrate, customisable and fully responsive.
    Learn more about Buyopowo
  • Zinrelo
    Zinrelo is a 360 degree loyalty rewards and referral marketing platform that delivers 2.4X per customer revenue, 80% more repeat purchases. Demo available.
    Learn more about Zinrelo
  • Zuberance
    Zuberance builds and unleashes your Advocate Army driving positive Word of Mouth and sales.
    Learn more about Zuberance

The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

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