Live Chat Tools & Chatbots

The way customers are communicating with businesses is changing. Today, people expect to be able to contact a business whenever they should need to and receive an immediate response.

Live chat and chatbots are an essential part of digital marketing for many industries – especially industries where customers expect instant communication and speedy solutions to their problems.

Tourism and the hospitality industry make especially good use of live chat and chatbots, but these tools have a function for any business keen to ensure their customers and potential customers can always reach them.

Chatbot technology has improved exponentially in recent years and you may be pleasantly surprised by the sophistication an intelligent chatbot can add to your overall customer journey.

Thanks to live chat and chatbox tools, businesses can now meet customers’ high expectations. Live chat software allows your customer service team to connect with website visitors when they are browsing on your site.

The instant feedback of live chat allows you to improve customer service, as well as capture valuable data for your CRM systems, due to the technology available from live chat tools.

Similarly, chatbox tools also allow for instant communications with visitors to your website. However, these tools utilise artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing to respond to customers, rather than an agent or rep.

Within this dedicated list, you will find a range of live chat and chatbox tools that you can use to improve the customer service experience for your customers. These tools make it easier than ever to add live chat and chatbox software to your website.

Learning how to use such software to your advantage and create a new channel for customers, you’ll able to build your brand using the technology at your fingertips.

Implementing live chat and chat box features on your website will help you to improve the journey and experience for customers who visit your website.

Enriching the experience of your audience when they are engaging with your brand will help to ensure you see positive results, with higher conversions and increased sales – all while collecting valuable customer analytics.

  • Tidio Chat
    A beautiful Live Chat solution. Talk with your customers in real time and increase your sales. Available in free and paid version.
    Learn more about Tidio Chat
  • Olark
    Make your business human by using live chat for sales, marketing and customer support on your website. Start talking to your customers today!
    Learn more about Olark
  • Ottspott
    Add a powerful phone platform to G Suite and Slack. Instant set-up, no long term contracts. Secure, global, scalable. Integrates seamlessly with your preferred business apps.
    Learn more about Ottspott
    Automat is helping companies use AI to talk to their customers, understand them and serve them better. We are the leader in Conversational Marketing for brands.
    Learn more about
  • Moxie
    Be there for your online customers. Moxies customer engagement software solves customer struggles, increases revenue, and boosts customer satisfaction. See how our innovative technology - including Kbot Digital Guidance, Live Chat, Web Self-Service, and Email - enhances the entire buyers journey across devices.
    Learn more about Moxie
  • MarketLinc
    Boost your online sales, increase conversion rates, and improve marketing ROI with MarketLincs data-driven Live Chat Services. Visit today to learn more!
    Learn more about MarketLinc
  • Brazen
    Brazens chat communication and candidate communication is giving recruiters a better way to engage and communicate with candidates in this candidate driven hiring environment. Its also giving universities a chance to host online career fairs and online networking events.
    Learn more about Brazen
  • BotEngine
    Build a Chatbot for any service you need. BotEngine is basically your personal chatbot factory with no IT skills needed.
    Learn more about BotEngine
  • Cbox
    Cbox live chat is an embeddable chat app for online communities, groups, and live-streaming events.
    Learn more about Cbox
  • Chatlio
    Chat with your website visitors directly from Slack. You don’t need another chat client to talk to your customers. Simple one minute install.
    Learn more about Chatlio
  • SightMax
    ChatBeacon is a state-of-the-art live chat app for the web. Take customer service to a whole new level by enabling your own website concierge service powered by ChatBots.
    Learn more about SightMax
  • Chatfuel
    Chatfuel is the leading bot platform for creating AI chatbots for Facebook. Learn how to create a Facebook Messenger bot quickly and easily - no coding required.
    Learn more about Chatfuel
  • Cliengo
    Cliengo es un chatbot amistoso que convierte tus visitantes en contactos, ¡automáticamente las 24hs!
    Learn more about Cliengo
  • Client Chat Live
    Client Chat Live™ was made by lawyers for lawyers. Our 24/7 live chat operators will take your website visitors & turn them into clients. Free quote!
    Learn more about Client Chat Live
  • Comm100 Live Chat
    Comm100 is an enterprise grade multi-channel digital engagement platform encompassing live chat, ticketing, KB, chatbot, and social media. Try it free!
    Learn more about Comm100 Live Chat
  • Stryng
    Connect with Your Clients in the most personal, convenient and productive way possible.
    Learn more about Stryng
  • iAdvize
    Connect your customers or prospects with experts who are passionate about your brand and are available 24/7.
    Learn more about iAdvize
    Crisp is the best way to chat with your website visitors. Add it on your website in 2 minutes and start increasing your sales!
    Learn more about
  • Crowdio
    Crowdio offers a live chat service, staffed with skilled agents. Install our widget and convert more visitors with 24/7 online chat on your site or shop.
    Learn more about Crowdio
  • Delighted
    Delighted uses Net Promoter Score to gather real feedback from your customers – in minutes not weeks.
    Learn more about Delighted
  • cliizii
    Don’t burn customers with boring surveys. Step up to cliizii forums for genuine customer conversations. Real-time insights, better decisions.
    Learn more about cliizii
  • Drift
    Drift is the leading conversational marketing platform. With Drift on your website, you can turn your traffic into qualified meetings using our bots 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Learn more about Drift
  • Cometchat
    Enable Voice, Video and Text Chat on Website and Mobile Apps using CometChats Messaging & Chat API. Increase engagement, retention and monetization through CometChat. Super easy setup- SDKs with Ready UI for Javascript, iOS, Android, Ionic, Cordova & Xamarin.
    Learn more about Cometchat
  • Ramen
    Founders, Product Managers, Customer Success professionals, Marketers, and more use Ramen to make their SaaS products more successful.
    Learn more about Ramen
  • LiveAgent
    Great customer service starts with better Help Desk Software. Get started in 5 minutes with a 14-Day Free Trial. SaaS or On-Premise.
    Learn more about LiveAgent
    Grow customer loyalty the simple way! Use our Net Promoter® System to proactively reduce churn, increase renewals, and grow your business today.
    Learn more about
  • Cugic
    Grow your sales with the world's top live chat software. Decrease your cost, boost your sales conversions & build lasting business relationship with customers.
    Learn more about Cugic
  • Helloumi
    Help your customers at the moment. Solve their questions and turn your conversations into sales. Conversational Commerce platform for your business.
    Learn more about Helloumi
  • Howazit
    Howazit’s holistic, customer-centric and mobile-first approach has given birth to a smart and simple end-to-end customer communication platform
    Learn more about Howazit
  • HelpOnClick
    Improve interaction with your customers and boost conversion rates by 40% with live chat software from HelpOnClick. Enhance communication online today.
    Learn more about HelpOnClick
  • unblu
    Improve Online Customer Experience through unblu customer engagement and collaboration suite. 100% focus financial sector.
    Learn more about unblu
  • JivoChat
    Install Live Chat on your website and turn your visitors into paying customers with JivoChat. Easy setup, 5 agents free!
    Learn more about JivoChat
  • InTheChat
    InTheChat is proud to bring Apple Business Chat Beta to our digital customer service platform - a powerful new way for businesses to connect with customers
    Learn more about InTheChat
  • HappyFox Chat
    Introducing the all new HappyFox Chat. A live chat software to connect, engage and convert customers.
    Learn more about HappyFox Chat
  • Jenny
    Jenny’s user-friendly web application empowers nontechnical people to build chatbots for customer service live chat operations.
    Learn more about Jenny
  • LeadChat
    Live Chat Agents providing 24/7 live chat service & support to visitors on your website. Start capturing more leads today with LeadChat's expert chat agents
    Learn more about LeadChat
  • Clickdesk
    Live chat and support software allows you to customize your chat widget interact with visitors in real time and answer customers to boost conversions
    Learn more about Clickdesk
  • Userlike
    Live chat software for those serious about customer support. Used by 19,000+ companies worldwide. Help when it matters, where it matters.
    Learn more about Userlike
  • Click4Assistance
    Live Chat Software for UK Business Websites by Click4Assistance,Mobile Compatible,Fully Featured Customisable,Competitive no Lengthy contracts.Free Trial
    Learn more about Click4Assistance
  • Chatra
    Live chat software that helps to increase revenue and collect feedback providing an easy way for website owners to talk to visitors in real time.
    Learn more about Chatra
  • LiveHelpNow
    Live Chat Software, SMS, Support Ticket, Knowledge base system for call centers of any size. Customer Service Software enabling all communication channels to your customers in a single solution. Free 30 day trial.
    Learn more about LiveHelpNow
  • Redhelper
    Live chat solution that boosts your sales and makes more leads for your business. Contact with your customers with RedHelper.
    Learn more about Redhelper
  • Pubble
    Live Chat with your customers. Try Pubble's real-time messaging to drive customer engagement. Free for 30 days!
    Learn more about Pubble
  • LiveChat
    LiveChat - premium live chat software and help desk software for business. Over 25 000 companies from 150 countries use LiveChat. Try now, chat for free!
    Learn more about LiveChat
  • Liveperson
    LivePerson's conversational commerce solution helps businesses of all sizes increase conversions and reduce customer care costs with messaging and AI-powered chatbots
    Learn more about Liveperson
  • WhosOn
    Looking for leading live chat software? Meet WhosOn. Start increasing conversion and tracking visitor activity with our cutting-edge features.
    Learn more about WhosOn
  • Opinion Lab
    Make smarter and faster business decisions to improve the quality and consistency of your CX with OpinionLab. Give your customers a voice from within their customer experience, capture rich context with their feedback, apply advanced analytics to take real-time and targeted action.
    Learn more about Opinion Lab
  • Mioot
    Mioot Live Chat Software is a leading Customer Support, chat software software and email solution designed to increase sales, support for business needs.
    Learn more about Mioot
  • LadderChat
    Multi-Industry Digital Waitlist Application. LadderChat is an advanced queue management system that tracks and notifies waiting customers.
    Learn more about LadderChat
  • Don't Go
    Never lose a website customer again . . . at least without a fight. Your website traffic is booming but you have one slight problem, your customers come,
    Learn more about Don't Go
  • Reve Chat
    Online live chat software for websites and mobile apps to help businesses with sales, customer support, marketing and onboarding. Live chat platform solution to turn your website visitors into customers with live chat, video chat & co-browsing to deliver real time customer engagement. Start talking to your customers today!
    Learn more about Reve Chat
  • Cognitive Virtual Assistant
    Powered by AI and deep learning, the CogniCor cognitive chatbot platform enables banks, insurance and IT support firms to drive customer engagement
    Learn more about Cognitive Virtual Assistant
  • Pure Chat
    Pure Chat is the preferred live chat solution for small to mid-sized teams and is now being offered to everyone for FREE! Unlimited chats. Unlimited users. Sign up now!
    Learn more about Pure Chat
  • Quiq Messaging
    Quiqs business messaging software solutions help you connect with your customers via SMS, FB Messenger, Web Chat, Kik and In-App messaging. Be where your customers already are with Quiq business messaging!
    Learn more about Quiq Messaging
  • Rocket.Chat
    Rocket.Chat is the leading open source team chat software solution. Free, unlimited and completely customizable with on-premises and SaaS cloud hosting.
    Learn more about Rocket.Chat
  • ROKO Labs
    ROKO Labs transforms ideas into scalable technology platforms. We create successful digital products using innovative designs, cutting edge development, and reliable operations.
    Learn more about ROKO Labs
  • Retently
    Send a Net Promoter Score survey to your clients and start gathering, analyzing and acting on the received customer feedback
    Learn more about Retently
  • ServiceDock
    ServiceDock. Helping Multi-Site Businesses Capture Feedback & Handle Customer Service via Messaging Apps. Retail | Restaurants | Brick-and-Mortar | CEM/CXM
    Learn more about ServiceDock
  • Provide Support
    Set up Live Chat in 3 simple steps: ✔Sign up for Free Trial. ✔Copy and paste chat button code. ✔Login to the operator console. Join and never miss a client!
    Learn more about Provide Support
  • SiteGlue
    SiteGlue AI Power Live Chat + Business Text Messaging
    Learn more about SiteGlue
  • SmartNumber
    SmartNumber is the lowest priced call tracking and sms texting platform helping you communicate with customers on the channel they want with detailed analytics.
    Learn more about SmartNumber
  • Smartsupp
    Smartsupp is a free live chat for your website. Start real-time conversations with your web visitors, answer their questions, and boost your online sales.
    Learn more about Smartsupp
  • Snap Engage
    SnapEngage Live Chat software allows you to deliver live help to your website visitors with a custom chat box. Integrate with your existing Help Desk or CRM.
    Learn more about Snap Engage
  • Subiz
    Subiz is a customer communication platform to support businesses communicate to customers throughout the process of marketing, approaching, identifying, segment, selling, caring and managing customers.
    Learn more about Subiz
  • Tagove
    Tagove provides best class live chat software with video chat, and co-browsing to increase sales conversion, improve support. Trusted by 8800+ companies
    Learn more about Tagove
    Talk To Niki and get things done. Experience the ease and convenience of making online transactions on chat. Get offers and save money on bus booking, hotel booking, recharges, bill payments and a lot more.
    Learn more about
  • Talkus
    Talkus turns Slack into a simple help desk platform. Get all the necessary tools to provide awesome experiences to your clients: live chat, phone, text, emails and social media, knowledge base.
    Learn more about Talkus
  • is a free live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page
    Learn more about
  • MyLiveChat
    The 100% FREE live chat Software! Add Live Chat Software to your Website. Engage your visitors. 250000+ live chat accounts and growing. It is free, powerful and stable!
    Learn more about MyLiveChat
  • CustomerGauge
    The world's first Monetized Net Promoter software utilizing Voice of the Customer data to prove the ROI of Customer Experience for companies around the world.
    Learn more about CustomerGauge
  • Tokbox
    TokBox’s WebRTC platform, OpenTok, makes it possible to add live video, voice and messaging to websites, iOS, and Android apps. 30-day free trial.
    Learn more about Tokbox
  • Ongair
    Use Instant Messaging for Customer Support using Ongair
    Learn more about Ongair
  • Velaro
    Velaro is the top-rated live chat software for websites. Learn why leading enterprises trust Velaro to engage visitors in real time.
    Learn more about Velaro
  • TouchCommerce
    View our digital customer engagement products to learn how this unified platform can help target visitors at the right time across all digital channels.
    Learn more about TouchCommerce
  • ApexChat
    We chat with your website visitors with our unique live chat conversion software and live chat agents. Boost your conversions and generate 40% more leads.
    Learn more about ApexChat
    We give you fully automated chatbot for websites. We put automation first so your company can offer scalable live data collection over chat on your site and embed by integrating one line of code. Get your free chatbot for website using drag and drop bot maker. Installing chatbot for wordpress and chatbot for shopify is super easy.
    Learn more about
  • Wizu
    Wizu is a chatbot for conversational surveys allowing customers to feedback on customer experience, NPS voice of the customer and more.
    Learn more about Wizu

The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

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