Social media is playing an ever-increasing role in online marketing. The customer journey is not a straightforward process – it never has been – but social media and relationship tools help you understand this process better than ever. A potential customers’ first interaction with your brand, right through to when they eventually make a purchase (customer journey). Social Media Management Tools offer insight into how your customers interact with your business on social media, helping you control how your customer experiences your brand at every step of their buyer journey. Over the past few years, the amount of social and relationship tools has increased significantly, thanks to advances in technology. Of course, with the amount of tools now available, you’d be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed.

We have a curated list of all the latest social media management and relationship tools to give you data and knowledge that will help you to choose the right platforms. Here, in this carefully curated collection, you’ll find everything you need to help you create, deliver and manage high-impact social media campaigns as well as tools to develop and manage relationships. Covering everything from social media marketing to customer relationship management, they’re all here to help you gain valuable analytical insight that you can use to continue developing your social campaigns and relationships.

To help you gain a true understanding, these tools have been categorised, so you can decide which tools are best suited for your business or brand. You’ll find tools specifically for Account Based Marketing, Loyalty Platforms, Call Tracking Tools, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, Live Chat and Chatbots, and Social Media Marketing and Management. So, take a look at the tools available, try them out for yourself and see what results you can achieve when you have the right social and relationship tools in place. No matter what your needs, the right opportunities are available here to suit a range of different businesses.