Call Analytics & Call Tracking Software Tools

Call tracking software is becoming an important component of sales and marketing campaigns as more and more marketers recognise the value of phone calls in the customer journey.

Given the ever-increasing power of online marketing, many businesses underestimate the importance of telecoms and the role a phone call can play in your customer journey.

Call analytics & management tools can help you improve your sales and customer calls by tracking, analysing, and managing your calls at every step.

The data collected by these tools gives you the insight you need to improve how, when, and why you talk to customers. Call analytics and management tools can also help your business with upselling and cross-selling, vastly increasing your overall revenue.

This technology will help your business to collect, analyse and measure its call data. For example, no matter the source, call analytics and management tools allow you to identify where your inbound phone leads are coming from, whether it’s a print ad or an online advert.

The data provided by these tools also helps to ensure that you are optimising your marketing spend. If you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction or seek new opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, then these tools are critical to implementing your strategy.

These tools also make understanding your customer easier, helping to better your relationship with your audience. Here, within this extensive collection of tools, you’ll be able to find the right call analytics and management software to suit your business or brand – no matter what your needs.

Knowing where your calls are coming from, and learning more about your customers and their journey will help you to implement a more memorable and engaging customer experience. Learning how to use these valuable analytics and insights opens up a range of different opportunities for your business to improve on.

Not only does this technology allow you to improve customer experiences and optimise your marketing spend, but you can also improve sales staff and productivity too.

This software can help sales reps route high-quality leads to the right agents quickly, as well as identify effective sales techniques, enabling you to build your workface using technology in your grasp.

  • Clixtell
    Call tracking analytics & Click fraud protection - PPC, SEO, Social & Direct marketing. Maximize profit & ROI: Stop Click Fraud. Track & Record Sales Calls.
    Learn more about Clixtell
  • Gong
    Generate more revenue by having better sales conversations with the #1 conversation intelligence platform for sales
    Learn more about Gong
  • Waybeo
    A Call Intelligence platform for marketers to drive revenue through ad-driven phone calls. With Call tracking, marketers can improve ROI.
    Learn more about Waybeo
  • NectarDesk
    Best call center software for your business. Use Nectar Desk and integrate with your CRM to automatically create contacts and deals. Free trial available
    Learn more about NectarDesk
  • Call Box
    Call Box provides call tracking services that enable companies to increase their marketing effectiveness, capture additional sales opportunities, and improve customer service.
    Learn more about Call Box
  • Call Sumo
    Call Sumo is the most comprehensive and intelligent call tracking software. It allows you to take advantage of marketing techniques that Fortune 500 companies use all the time.
    Learn more about Call Sumo
  • AddSource
    Call Tracking & Call Analytics service by AddSource - Gain critical insights from incoming calls, optimize your PPC, SEO and marketing efforts. Maximize your ROI!
    Learn more about AddSource
  • Calltracks Ltd
    Call Tracking and Analytics to help you understand what makes your phone ring & what calls generate sales. Report on source, medium, keyword and campaign
    Learn more about Calltracks Ltd
  • Convirza
    Call tracking and call analysis to enhance your traditional and digital marketing. Quickly grow ROI with call tracking and advanced call analytics software, machine learning, automated call actions, and dozens of call success indicators.
    Learn more about Convirza
  • MaTelSo
    Call Tracking by matelso - Das Marketing Tool zur Auswertung von Telefonanrufen für Unternehmen, Agenturen, Marktplätze & Portale.
    Learn more about MaTelSo
  • CallTrackingMetrics
    Call tracking software to track online and traditional advertising. Know which ads are working, which agents are performing, and make the most of every call.
    Learn more about CallTrackingMetrics
  • Ringba
    Call tracking, attribution, recording, routing, reporting and analytics for marketers, digital agencies, call centres and performance networks.
    Learn more about Ringba
  • CallTrackingHQ
    Call tracking, recording, and analytics. Optimize marketing campaigns to increase ROI using call tracking. Easy to use Metrics for PPC, SEO, and offline ads. FREE TRIAL!
    Learn more about CallTrackingHQ
  • CallRail
    Call tracking, recording, and analytics. Optimize your marketing and increase ROI with call tracking. Metrics for PPC, SEO, and offline ad campaigns.
    Learn more about CallRail
  • Callcap
    Callcap is an innovative call tracking and monitoring solution that provides vision to business conversation.
    Learn more about Callcap
    CallN - Intelligent Cloud Based Call Recording
    Learn more about CALLN
  • CallSource
    CallSource is the industry leader for call tracking, lead management and business analytic solutions. Maximize your marketing dollars and get measured results
    Learn more about CallSource
  • Callstats io is an analytics, diagnostics, and optimizations solution for WebRTC. We manage the performance of real-time voice and video communications, enabling organizations to rapidly troubleshoot issues and deliver high quality services to their users. We help developers, CTOs, Product Managers to build better real-time communication products.
    Learn more about Callstats io
  • MightyCall
    Choose your own virtual phone number for the U.S. and Canada to manage your business straight from your phone. Opt for a vanity number to identify your brand, or go with a toll-free or local number to focus your business either nationally or locally.
    Learn more about MightyCall
  • Ameyo Engage
    Cloud based call center software. Stop Supporting and Start Engaging. Get Started with a Free Trial to build the perfect call center for your business
    Learn more about Ameyo Engage
  • Twilio
    Cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications on an API built for global scale. Get started with a free trial.
    Learn more about Twilio
  • CloudCall
    CloudCall provides computer telephony integration (CTI) from your CRM system. We integrate with many CRMs including Salesforce, Bullhorn and Dynamics.
    Learn more about CloudCall
  • Convoso
    Convoso is the industry leader in browser-based call center software. Schedule your free demo today to see how Convoso will revolutionize your call center.
    Learn more about Convoso
  • Coztel is a cloud based call center software and solution company for every size of business and fast growing companies. Get a Free Trial Today!
    Learn more about Coztel
  • Delacon
    Delacon provides American businesses with call tracking solutions that provide invaluable insights via our website call tracking systems, measuring marketing ROI.
    Learn more about Delacon
  • Dialogtech
    DialogTech’s AI call tracking and conversation analytics helps digital marketers and agencies track ROI, drive sales, and personalize experiences.
    Learn more about Dialogtech
  • Dialpad
    Dialpad offers a secure, enterprise cloud phone system, business VoIP, toll free numbers, cloud PBX & integrations with G Suite & Office 365.
    Learn more about Dialpad
  • Freshcaller
    Feature packed product suite for businesses of all sizes ✓ Refreshing Cloud Software for your Business ✓ Support | Sales | ITSM | Cloud PBX ✓ Freshworks
    Learn more about Freshcaller
  • Interact iQ
    Finally a smarter approach to Enterprise CRM. Our network of CRM MicroServices, MicroApps, and cti tools ensures rapid delivery of tailored CRM Solutions
    Learn more about Interact iQ
  • Five9
    Five9 is the leading cloud call center software. Trusted by 2000+ clients to accelerate sales and power customer service.
    Learn more about Five9
  • FluentStream
    FluentStream Technologies offers a fully hosted, cloud-based phone solution, designed to meet your business communication needs.
    Learn more about FluentStream
  • Fuze
    Fuze is the Leader in Enterprise Global Voice, Video, Messaging, and Collaboration"
    Learn more about Fuze
  • Callr
    Global Voice and SMS API for smarter user interactions. Create automated, personalized and contextual communication with our API covering 200+ countries
    Learn more about Callr
  • CallFire
    Grow your business with virtual phone numbers, IVR, voice broadcasting, mass text messaging services and power dialing. Try CallFire for FREE!
    Learn more about CallFire
  • Dial 800
    Grow your marketing with all inclusive solutions to get more calls, then track, route, and analyze them.
    Learn more about Dial 800
  • Gryphon
    Gryphon Networks, a SaaS company located in Boston, is a leader in real-time cloud-based sales and marketing effectiveness. Gryphons sales and marketing effectiveness SaaS provides you with the visibility of daily sales and marketing activities. Learn more at 617-279-2600.
    Learn more about Gryphon
  • Hoiio
    Hoiio is a multiple awards winning SaaS platform for businesses
    Learn more about Hoiio
    Improve call productivity and organization today with iovox. Easily tag, flag and share your call notes. You can also create task reminders for yourself or co-workers. Simply download the iovox app today to get started.
    Learn more about IOVOX
  • Ringio
    Improve caller productivity and gain insights into your team's activities with our CRM integrated calling platform for sales and customer support.
    Learn more about Ringio
  • CallAction
    Inbound call marketing automation software. Easily, capture, track and respond to your inbound calls for increased engagement and conversions with Call Action.
    Learn more about CallAction
  • Infinity
    Infinity - The leading call intelligence platform
    Learn more about Infinity
  • OnviCord
    Intelligent Automation and Customer Experience Management solutions automate and unify customer interactions and business transactions for contact centers and enterprises.
    Learn more about OnviCord
  • Invoca
    Invoca provides complete call intelligence. Drive, track and automate inbound calls for better leads, greater marketing insight, and more customers.
    Learn more about Invoca
  • Jet Call Tracker
    Jet Interactive provides worlds best call tracking technology to businesses seeking to maximise their marketing ROI. Close the loop between marketing and sales. today.
    Learn more about Jet Call Tracker
  • JustCall
    JustCall is a cloud-based phone system for your business. Integrates with HubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, Salesforce & other CRM/Helpdesk tools. Available on web, mobile and desktop.
    Learn more about JustCall
  • Kixie
    Kixie is the Fastest Way to Make More Sales Calls
    Learn more about Kixie
  • LeadsPedia
    Lead Distribution and Call Tracking and Routing Software
    Learn more about LeadsPedia
  • Sharpen
    Learn how our Agent-First Contact Center Platform is transforming the way contact centers think about omni-channel, agent experience, and customer service.
    Learn more about Sharpen
  • inConcert
    Lider en Software Omnicanal para Contact Centers, incluyendo marcación predictiva, IVR y redes sociales
    Learn more about inConcert
  • Marchex
    Marchex helps you find more of your best customers and drive revenue with intelligent call data. Learn more about call analytics and conversational A.I.
    Learn more about Marchex
  • Mattersight
    Mattersight helps premier brands have better conversations with their customers with transformative contact center technology. Explore our products suites: Predictive Behavioral Routing, Capture, Analytics, and Productivity.
    Learn more about Mattersight
  • Avidtrak
    Multi-featured Software for Call Tracking, Recording & Analytics. Track your Online or Offline Ad Campaigns. Improve ROI. Signup for AvidTrak Call Tracking!
    Learn more about Avidtrak
  • whoscalling
    Place Who’s Calling’s unique toll-free numbers on advertisements to track online and offline return on investment.
    Learn more about whoscalling
  • Rambl
    Rambl is designed for inside sales teams. Reps love Rambl because its the fastest way to place and log sales calls to CRM. Sales managers love the visibility and accountability of call performance, including sales qualification scoring.
    Learn more about Rambl
  • WhatConverts
    Revenue tracking by traffic source.
    Learn more about WhatConverts
  • Ruler Analytics
    Ruler Analytics is a visitor level analytics product that tracks customer journeys, conversions, phone calls & companies looking at your site.
    Learn more about Ruler Analytics
  • Voiptime Cloud
    Sales & business automation call software - online cold calling sales call tracking productivity software Voiptime
    Learn more about Voiptime Cloud
  • ExecVision
    See how our conversation intelligence platform provides insight into critical moments within your B2B & B2C conversations, helping to improve close rates and customer relationships, while making call coaching both easy and effective.
    Learn more about ExecVision
  • SmartAction
    SmartAction provides AI call center and customer service solutions that automate complex processes you never thought possible.
    Learn more about SmartAction
  • CallDynamics
    Take control of your marketing spend and maximise your marketing ROI through our Australian call tracking solution.
    Learn more about CallDynamics
  • Talkdesk
    Take your contact center into the digital age with a modern cloud solution. Talkdesks intuitive user experience increases productivity, while 30+ out-of-the-box integrations allow you to take a unified approach to customer service.
    Learn more about Talkdesk
  • Tenfold
    Tenfold helps companies have better customer conversations. Put customer information into action on the phone, every time, in real-time.
    Learn more about Tenfold
  • Avanser
    Track marketing effectiveness. Accurately track any marketing medium and see which is delivering phone calls.
    Learn more about Avanser
  • TrackDrive
    TrackDrive is a Call Tracking Platform that is linked to your existing VOIP provider to manage your call tracking, advertising optimization, and call routing.
    Learn more about TrackDrive
  • Jiminny
    WHERE SELLING HAPPENS | Jiminny brings your technology & people together so you can make your team truly effective
    Learn more about Jiminny
  • CallTracker
    White label call tracking, optimize adwords, call analytics. Optimize Adwords ROI with call tracking. Call metrics for SEO, PPC, and ad campaigns.
    Learn more about CallTracker
  • KeyMetric
    With global toll-free and local number call tracking covering 60+ countries around the globe, KeyMetric is the only solution you need to measure the effectiveness of your online, mobile, digital and offline marketing and advertising investments...
    Learn more about KeyMetric
  • Response Tap
    With Intelligent Call Tracking from ResponseTap, you can finally reveal the campaigns, channels and keywords that make your customers pick up the phone. But don't take our word for it, find out more here.
    Learn more about Response Tap

The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

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