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Updated: March 28 2023

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing is an immensely powerful tool if used correctly. The principle is simple: get other businesses and websites with a similar or relevant audience to channel their website users to your site. With the right affiliate marketing tools, you can draw and send high volumes of interested traffic to and from your site and only pay when online users actually make a purchase. Taking the time to invest in the right affiliate marketing tools and partnerships can result in a risk-free marketing channel that brings in regular sales or inquiries.

How Do Affiliate Marketing Tools Work?

This is an effective tool that can be used to promote your products, get people talking about your brand, and importantly, lead to increased sales of your products or services. Becoming more popular amongst businesses, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing tool in which businesses reward affiliates for traffic or sales generate from their referrals. By focusing on niche markets, you can effectively build on a high-quality affiliate program that only requires you to pay when you see results.

How Do Affiliate Marketing Tools Help?

With the tools on offer for this method of marketing, you can easily access your target audience through affiliates and you might just learn a lot more about them along the way. Still, affiliate marketing requires investment and time. You want quality affiliates who your target audience not only trust but are influenced by their recommendations. It pays to invest in a good affiliate marketing programme, so you are going to need the right tools to get started. Here, you will find a carefully curated collection of tools that you can use to guide you through affiliate marketing management.

46 of the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

All of the following Affiliate Marketing Tools have been reviewed, links you follow are sometimes affiliate links and some Affiliate Marketing Tools have been listed because they offer a great solution to a Affiliate Marketing process.

Refersion logo


Advanced Affiliate Marketing Made Simple. Manage, track, and grow your network and promotions like never before.

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clixGalore logo


Affiliate Marketing - Start your affiliate program. Affiliates will find the best Affiliate programs to join and make money. A large Affiliate network with thousands of programs to join. Advertise your business online.

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awin logo


Affiliate marketing is a simple way to earn money online and access to a global affiliate network. Join a global community of publishers and advertisers.

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Linkwise logo


Affiliate Marketing services by the leading Affiliate Network in South East Europe. Performance Marketing Experts!

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AnyTrack logo


Anytrack is plug & play analytics tag, used by performance marketers to track, attribute and sync, onsite and offline conversion data across their marketing stack, analytics and ad channels. AnyTrack is best known for enabling affiliate marketers to run affiliate campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

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Avantlink logo


AvantLink is the industry leading cost-per-sale tracking and technology platform for affiliate marketing professionals.

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Quality Unit logo

Quality Unit

B2B software cloud solutions from company behind LiveAgent help desk software and Post Affiliate Pro affiliate softwareB2B software cloud solutions from company behind LiveAgent help desk software and Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software

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Cake logo


CAKE - Real-Time Tracking, Attribution, and Optimization for Marketing Professionals

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Clickinc logo


clickinc: affiliate software provides you with affordable affiliate program software for you to start your affiliate tracking. We have successfully mounted and managed affiliate programs in different industries, always becoming amongst the largest and most reputable within that niche.

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Clickmeter logo


ClickMeter is a super-easy to use web-based professional tool. We help Affiliates to monitor, compare and optimize all their online marketing campaigns in one place and decide what is working and what is not. In this way you can laser-focus only in the right direction, optimise the monetization and dominate your niche market.

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Tapfiliate logo


Create, track and grow your affiliate program. Tapfiliate helps businesses and influencers grow together, through affiliate marketing.

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Jrox logo


ecommerce, shopping cart, and affiliate marketing solutions

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FuseClick logo


FuseClick is a complex business solution for affiliate networks, affiliates and marketing agencies.

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Publisher Discovery logo

Publisher Discovery

Global affiliate tracking analysis platform helping affiliate managers understand competitors affiliates and find new influencer publishers

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Hasoffers logo


HasOffers performance marketing software enables ad networks, publishers, agencies, and media buyers to measure and optimize advertising traffic.

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Linkconnector logo


Industry choice network giving access to innovative affiliates, global Internet retailer brands, expert support & technologies to grow your affiliate program.

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Offerit logo


Industry leading affiliate data tracking and analytic software. Offerit is the ultimate CPA network solution for performance marketing.

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Kwanko logo


International group specialized in the management of crossdevice performance marketing campaigns. Advertisers, agencies, publishers,join the Kwanko network!

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Mobidea logo


Join the leading CPA mobile affiliate network and explore mobile marketing to the ultimate max!

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AffiliateBuzz logo


Join the Top Movie Affiliate Program with AffiliateBuzz

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EvoLeads logo


Marketplace by EvoMarketplace Inc. is a Cost-per-Action affiliate network, connecting advertisers and publishers in affiliate marketing.

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PayDotCom logo


New Revolutionary Software That's Designed To Engage & Sell!

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iDevAffiliate logo


Official Knowledgebase for iDevAffiliate

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OmniSTAR logo


Omnistar Affiliate Software provides you with affordable affiliate tracking software to grow your business. The software is used by over 14,000 companies worldwide.

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Orangear logo


Orangear is a digital marketing software as service built to start, grow and scale your own affiliate business. Try it now for free.

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Impact Radius logo

Impact Radius

Our natively integrated suite of products - Radius, Altitude and Forensiq - enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global ad spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey from ad impression through acquisition – across all devices and channels.

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Postaffiliatepro logo


Post Affiliate Pro is the #1 ranked affiliate software, trusted by more than 27,000 companies worldwide. Start your affiliate program now.

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PubExcahange logo


PubExchange helps publishers find sites to partner with so that they can promote each other's content and send one another an equal amount of visitors.

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Clickbooth logo


Ranked The #1 CPA Network Worldwide, Clickbooth has been connecting Advertisers and Affiliates since 2002.

Learn More logo is recognised as easy-to-use affiliate & performance campaign tracking and analytics platform. Backed by Affise - leader in performance marketing software, delivers functionality and user experience for experts and starters alike.

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RefToken logo


RefToken, a decentralised affiliate marketing platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

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ShareASale logo


ShareASale has been in business for 19 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. The technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency, and accuracy – and a reputation as a fair and honest business

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Cydec logo


Simple and easy to use ecommerce and email automation for online marketers.

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SkimLinks logo


Skimlinks is the leading commerce content monetization platform. Its technology automatically monetizes product links in commerce-related content.

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PayKickstart logo


Start Selling in Minutes with 0% Transaction Fees. Double Your Sales with True 1-Click Upsells, Custom Checkout Pages, Instant Commissions, and so much more.

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Scaleo logo


Stop wasting Time & Money with complicated, unattractive Tracking Solutions! Scaleo: Fast, Reliable, Cool Looking - Full Features and affordable. Start Now!

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Target Circle logo

Target Circle

Target Circle matches traffic supply and demand in a revolutionary way.

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CJ Affiliate logo

CJ Affiliate

Thrive with CJ Affiliate—the world's largest and most established affiliate marketing network designed to help you achieve intelligent, scalable, and sustainable growth.

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LinkTrackr logo


Track your entire sales funnel. LinkTrackr’s main objective is to help you track every sale, every lead in your funnel to the origin click. Multiple upsells, downsells and OTOs? No problem.

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Tradedoubler logo


Tradedoubler delivers powerful performance marketing solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers seeking profitable growth

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Tradepoint logo


Tradepoint Enterprise Business Management Software with Integrated CRM, Sales, Accounting, Project Management, Inventory, shipping and more

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thrivetracker logo


Universal Tracking Software for Performance Marketing The Ultimate Mobile & Web Tracker for All Direct Response Campaigns and Affiliate Marketers START your 30-DAY FREE TRIAL »  Watch the Tutorial on Creating Your First Campaign World-Class Cloud or Self-hosted Solution Are you a high volume advertiser or media buyer who cares about speed & performance? about our Cloud Service, where we put you up on our super-optimized Amazon cloud

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Linktrust logo


Want to improve your performance marketing? Utilize our software and analytics here at TrustLink in Provo, Utah. to request a demo today.

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Clickbank logo


We are an internet retailer of top quality lifestyle products allowing manufacturers to sell their products & digital marketers to promote them. Join our best affiliate programs!

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Leaddyno logo


We created LeadDyno because we wanted easy affiliate management system for ourselves, and for our affiliates who help us sell our product and promote our website.

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Trackingdesk logo


Welcome to TrackingDesk - The most advanced traffic management platform for affiliate marketers and media buyers. Reach positive ROI faster with better tracking and control over your marketing campaigns.

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