Public Relations (PR) Tools

Every organisation, no matter big or small, relies on its reputation for survival and success.

Recommended Platforms & Tools


Create your online newsroom for PR distribution, sponsored stories, native ads, and branded content on top tier publications all over the world.

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recommended24-7 Press Release

Press release distribution to thousands of journalists (including the Associated Press), researchers and more. Statistics included.

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Ace Media

A sophisticated online workplace supported by a suite of intuitive tools that help simplify the day-to-day activities of Public Relations

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AirPR is the leading content marketing and PR analytics software big data platform that helps businesses better measure contents impact. Make data-driven decisions with AirPR.

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Metro Monitor

Broadcast news monitoring, news clipping and media monitoring services

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Comprehensive Directory of Businesses, Jobs, Products, Services, Press Releases, News, & Articles in all Industries. Promote your business. FREE. Find full company profiles.

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Connects organization and media on a single digital platform, with an updated media database of more than 20000 journalists and key influencers across ASEAN. It is a powerful social collaboration platform which allows seamless exchange of information between the media and the organization.

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Discover the impact of Digital PR! Monitor what is being said about your brand, create your story, identify and engage your audience and analyse the results

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Easily manage your Media Relations. Build, update and share your database of journalists and bloggers with a dedicated PR tool.

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iPR Software provides solutions for PR online news centers and newsrooms, marketing digital assets management (DAM), social media hubs and custom mobile apps

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IrisPR is software is for the savvy PR pro, designed to help you build strong media relationships, streamline PR operations, and prove your impact.

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Marketwired offers a variety of PR solutions including press release and news wire distribution services, media monitoring and more.

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Meltwater is the worlds leading media intelligence provider. Our software combines the power of AI with the most comprehensive source database, to bring our clients advanced Media Monitoring, Social Media Listening, Social Media Management, PR Analytics and Influencer Engagement tools.

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MyMediaRoom makes it easy to create, manage, and distribute press releases, events, and more from a central media room website.

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News from a Beautiful Company providing media management software for PR and Communication professionals including enquiry management, responsive newsrooms, email and social media distribution, contact management and a tailored content management system.

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NewsBox is a unique combination of news reading, publishing tools and media intelligence in a single simple platform. Connecting people and brands.

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Our PR software is the only tool you'll need to manage your PR. Media database, distribution, feature calendars and much more is available with PRmax.

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Coverage Books

Over 1,000 PR teams now use our tool to showcase and measure the impact of their work. In style. Sign up for a free trial.

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PR Newswire

PR Newswire’s news distribution, targeting, monitoring and marketing solutions help you connect and engage with target audiences across the globe.

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Press release distribution to over 100,000 journalists who want it! Measurable results with hundreds of testimonials to prove it. PR Newswire partner.

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Pressat provides a powerful press release distribution service for companies in the UK & Internationally. Spread your news and gain media coverage in newspapers, online websites, blogs, magazines...

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Prezly is a tool for communication teams who want to do more. Manage your contacts, publish your stories, and distribute your content all from one place

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Prowly gives you the tools and insights to make you better at your everyday PR work. Sign up today and join thousands of PR teams all over the world already using Prowly.

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Quickly find, pitch and follow up with journalists, bloggers and influencers globally. Powerful automation plus the industry's most accurate and reliable data sources.

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Release Wire

ReleaseWire’s press release distribution, targeting, marketing, online media contact management, and hosted news room service helps businesses connect with their target audiences across the globe.

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Startup PR focused agency that's helped hundreds of companies launch products, rebrand themselves, develop thought leadership campaigns and more.

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The comprehensive, easy-to-use PR Analytics platform to measure and prove the value of all PR campaigns and their results.

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Critical Mention

The fastest, easiest-to-use, most comprehensive media monitoring technology for pros on the go.

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Business Wire

The global leader in press release distribution and regulatory disclosure. Public relations and investor relations professionals rely on Business Wire for broad-based and targeted market reach.

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The Nasdaq Stock Market website features stock market news, stock information & qoute updates, data analysis reports, as well as a general overview of the market landscape.

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TrendKite gives you PR analytics that can keep up with the pace of the industry in the age of Digital PR. Quickly understand and organize the current landscape, finding the influencers and more that you need to meet your goals across channels. Build relationships, measure results; all in one place.

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Ubermetrics is a leading provider of media intelligence, media monitoring and analytics tools for brands, companies and agencies.

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Muck Rack

Use Muck Rack to find journalists, get press for your story, monitor the news and report on the impact of your PR. Journalists can build portfolios and accelerate their careers.

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We help you come up with a PR strategy and do PR outreach to attract most relevant journalists and get press for your story on an ongoing basis every single month.

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Web Press Release distribution service to Google News. social media, and 100+ news websites for $20-$39. Affordable press release service.

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Your Press Release Distributed to thousands of journalists, bloggers and publishers within your selected audience category for just £50.

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The tools here have been manually curated as part of the larger set of marketing tools, if you have a suggestion to add to the list or would like to sponsor this list, get in touch.

It is no exaggeration to say that your company’s brand, and what people say about it, is incredibly important!

Perception is reality, and practicing good public relation principles and using the right PR tools is key to success in most industries.

Not to be confused with advertising or advertorials, PR is earned by providing the media with information or with something else of value.

Used well, PR has knock-on effects to all aspects of digital marketing, and the range of tools below will build and hone your PR skills and understanding.

Your business, its image and what people say about it are very important. So, when it comes to promoting your business, effective public relations (PR) is key.

PR allows you to promote positive attitudes and behaviours amongst the public and media towards your business. PR can influence the opinions others have on your business, just like other aspects of a marketing campaign such as your advertising.

However, having a third-party endorsement can be just as valuable because it is often viewed as trustworthy. These third parties include customers, investors, employees, the media and more recently, influencers, who have large social media followings.

Some people, however, still confuse PR with advertising. Both advertising and PR help to build a brand and communicate with its target audience, however, the key difference is that advertising is paid for while PR is earned by providing the media with information.

For example, you can buy advertising space for a magazine, but you can pitch a story to media outlets. By using PR tools, you can promote positive attitudes and build your business reputation. Of course, this reputation needs to be maintained, so PR is an ongoing process.

This means that you need to fully understand how PR works, as well as choose the right PR strategy for your business – so you’re going to need the right tools to do so. Within this wide range of PR tools, here, you’ll find everything you need to guide you through the world of PR.

Covering all aspects of PR, develop a PR strategy, discover contacts and find relevant news and media outlets, you’ll be able to build and maintain strong public relations!

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