Is Google Analytics data a factor in a page's ranking?


All right. We got a lot of questions from A in San Francisco. A asks "Are stats from Analytics, bounce rate, time on site, a factor in a page's or domain's ranking? There is a very short answer which I'll give a minute. But I'll tell you a little story first which is at PubCon a few years ago which is a WebmasterWorld Conference somebody said, "Do you use Google Analytics and--in Web spam?" And I said, "Not only doing not used in Web spam, I promise you, my team will never go and ask the analytics team to use their data. And we've held true to that promise." And I got asked this at the most recent PubCon and I was like, "Well, I know we don’t use it in Web spam. I don’t know about all of search quality. I don’t think that we do. But to my knowledge, no one uses it." So when I saw this question, I went ahead and I emailed the most senior, most knowledgeable person who would know about this. And I said, "We don’t use Google Analytics in our ranking in any way, do we?" And the one word reply was, "No." So, there you go. Taken a long time to say a relatively short answer, which is "Google Analytics is not used in search quality in any way for our rankings."

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