What is SEO?

Simplified, it means providing a search engine’s users the best results for their search query.

Search Engine Optimisation is the marketing discipline of removing technical SEO barriers within your website so search engines can crawl, index, categorise and return that relevant content for their users search queries. Creating easy to use websites, creating an information architecture that makes sense, making it easy to understand exactly what you offer within seconds of landing on a page within your website.

Developing an Organic search marketing strategy based on a technically sound site structure and developing a content creation plan and link building campaign Cultured Digital brings together the time-served expertise and project manages the acquisition of traffic to your site to increase transactions and revenue or leads.

How do our SEO campaigns help?

After we get to know why you website exists, we set clear goals within your Google Analytics account (unless they are there already), we use those goals and work backwards to create a definitive SEO campaign strategy and tactics.

Every task is created with the aim of improving the relevance of your site and equally improving Organic Search traffic towards it. Each and every task is timed to the nearest 15 minutes so that every penny of your campaign budget is quantified.

The goals that are defined in Google Analytics and the timed tasks created within your strategy are all geared towards driving relevant traffic to your site to improve sales or leads. That’s why we all exist online right? Cultured Digital will provide you 247 access to your sites reporting using 1st party data from an enhanced version of Google Search Console hooked up to your Google Search Console account.

Metrics Dashboard

No more guessing at or waiting for campaign reports in an Excel file that nobody reads or barely understands, just simple transparent reporting that you will have constant access to, not limited by keywords, you will have access to ALL of your ranking data for every term you currently rank for as well as a breakdown of every term every URL on your site ranks for.

Case Studies

  • Niche: Health & Wellness
  • Location: Australia
  • Type: Technical SEO audit & recommendations
  • When: February 2019
  • Overview: Cultured Digital was tasked to compile a technical SEO audit and we worked closely with the developer to implement the recommendations, we only every concentrate on areas of a site where it makes business sense and in this case their issues lay in exposing the content that they already had but was buried deep within the site.
Technical SEO audit implementation
Technical SEO audit implementation
  • Niche: Eyewear
  • Location: UK
  • Type: Technical SEO retainer & Link Building Campaign
  • When: September 2018
  • Overview: This particular client delivers products in the very competitive eyewear niche, we were tasked with improving Organic traffic and supporting technical SEO (monthly monitoring of issues following the initial Technical SEO audit).
Full Organic SEO Strategy
Full Organic SEO Strategy
  • Niche: Menswear
  • Location: UK
  • Type: Technical SEO retainer, Content Strategy & Link Building Campaign
  • When: December 2018
  • Overview: This menswear client tasked us with overseeing their entire Organic SEO strategy (technical, content & links), we’re still tightening some of the technical SEO issues but we’re on track and enjoying the very early stages of what will be huge growth for the company.
Full Organic SEO Strategy
Full Organic SEO Strategy

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